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Candice has it all, but is she happy? Can one bird influence a human's life.

''Ah waiting for that mailman's really grinding on my nerves.'' Candice whined as she stood in front of her front door, her toe tapping against the fluffy carpet beneath her feet.

She leaned against the wall. Then she rested her back against it.

Rolling along the side of the wall she squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation. An arm pressed against the wall stopped her spinning.

''You hear that wall?'' Candice chuckled and looked to the side with hint of supremacy. ''Of course you don't you stupid wall.''

''It's the sound of the mailman on the way to delivering an envelope containing tickets to my new office in London.'' she elbowed the wall playfully.

Candice smiled.

Pushing herself off the wall, she craned her head back and adjusted her glasses. Light glinted off of them.

''But it's still not here.'' she sagged as she sat on a couch.

''I bet I'll see him coming if I look out the window.'' she exclaimed and raced to open a window, pointing her head out.

Wind blew in her face as she squinted to look twenty stories down. Candice took of her glasses and pointed them down.

''Glasses any sign of the mailman?'' she changed her voice. ''Mailman not in sight. I repeat mailman not in sight.''

''Yikes.'' she winced as the doorbell rang and checked over her glasses. ''Whew that could have gone.''

A few minutes later she was removing pages upon pages of files from an envelope while gritting her teeth.

''How in the hell did that stupid bird decide to stupidly drop on my stupid glasses! And who the hell sends this much info with a ticket. I'd have trouble reading it all even with my glasses.'' she motioned at all the paper covering the floor, the furniture and herself.

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