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by Mouser
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What words really mean

Some people would say
That hate is
A relative thing-
After all you don’t really
Hate bananas or zucchini
You just don’t like the taste.

The real answer of course
Is not that hate
Is a relative thing
It is that the term
Is used too loosely.
Hate is too powerful
A word to be
Banded about in
Casual conversation.

Hate is a word
Of power
A word to conjure with;
Visions of swastikas
And burning crosses
Come to mind as a
Body count back
Through history- -
With other symbols
And images conjured
Consuming indiscriminately.

Some would say that
Love is a relative thing.
You don’t love chocolate
Like you love your children
You simply crave and
Enjoy it

That is not love.
It is long abused
More slippery
Than most.
Love can be the
Central fact of a
Full life
It does not
Diminish when
One has a strong
It is not a
Commodity which is
Only limited in stock
And when spent is
It can grow and
Spread over people
Around you like the
Glow of a light
The more you
Love the more you
Can love.

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