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England is not another name for Great Britain.

England is not the United Kingdom or Britain.
Here is my view on England, not being another word for the UK. I would like to point out England, is just a part of the UK, and Britain. England is not another word for the UK.
As a half Scot, half Welshman, I find it very annoying when people say England instead of the UK. England does not have a seat on the UN. The UK does.
Many people say England when they mean the UK, or Great Britain when they mean England.
England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
While England is the largest of the countries on the island of Great Britain, and has the largest population, it is not another word for the UK.
It would be like referring to the USA as New York, or Texas.
The Queen is the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, not England.
The Scottish, Welsh, English and Northern Ireland have their own national football teams. While Scotland, England and Wales have their own rugby union sides. Northern Ireland shares a rugby team with the Republic of Ireland.
Great Britain and Northern Ireland have an Olympic team. England do not have their own Olympics team.
Andy Murray, is Scottish, not English.
Sean Connery is Scottish, not English.
Susan Boyle is Scottish not English.
And most importantly, the Loch Ness Monster is Scottish. not English.
Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee are in Scotland not England.
Anthony Hopkins is Welsh, not English.
Katherine Jenkins is Welsh, not English.
Cardiff, Swansea, Newport - Gwent, Holywell, and Wrexham are in Wales, not England.
England football team, are not the Great Britain football team.
I am fed up with the number of movies where England is given a seat on the UN, when the UK does, not England.
I am fed up with seeing films where they say England, is fighting Germany, in World War Two. It is Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the UK. What about all the Scots, Welsh, and Northern Irish who fought against the NAZIs? They were not English.
There is no Prime Minister of England. There is a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
There are devolved parliaments and assemblies in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Where the boss is called the First Minister. But there are no assemblies or parliaments for England.
Although I do feel Cornwall, and Yorkshire and the other English regions should have devolved leaders. But that is another matter.
By the way. It is wrong to hate people for being English. English people are the same as anyone else. I do not hate English people. Racism toward English people is wrong.

There was no such thing as Great Britain, or the UK before, Scotland joined the English and Welsh in the union in the 18th century.
England is not another word for the UK. It is like calling Japan, Tokyo. Or calling Greece, Athens. Or calling Ireland, Leinster.

I am proud to be Scottish and Welsh.

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