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The USA is not a term for America
Trump is not President of America.
There is no such thing, as the President of America.
This is not a political article, it is a comment about people from the USA using the term America for their country, when other people in America are annoyed by this.
America is the name for North, Central and South America.
The USA is just a large part of North America, and a few islands in the Pacific Ocean.
So Trump is wrong to use slogans like, Make America Great Again, and America First foreign policy.
I’m not getting involved in the politics of Republican v Democrat. As I do not know if this website allows political comments. But my comment is that it is wrong for USA people to refer to their country as America.
If President Trump has an America First foreign policy does this mean that he is working for all North, Central and South America. If he runs a Make America Great Again policy does that mean he is wanting to make Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia great again.
I know Canadians are annoyed, when the USA refers to themselves as America. It gets on their nerves. As Canada covers a larger area of North America than the USA does.
It is like when English people refer to the UK as England, or England as Great Britain. As a half Scottish - half Welsh person that gets on my nerves too.

So Trump needs to change his Make America Great Again slogan, to Make USA Great Again, and America First to USA First.

I would laugh if I got those slogans changed.
I am not getting involved in a political argument about Republican v Democrat. As I Know I am not allowed to do that.
I know that Donald Trump's mother was born in Scotland.
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