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Before you put me on the shelf, there's lots old folks can do. [Shrinking Stanzas]
Old Age Ain’t so Bad

The old grandfather clock chimes eight,
I’m sure just twice a day.
But covert hands accelerate
and purposely betray
perfected balances and weight
that dictate time’s display.
As passing decades escalate,
my youth just slips away.

Beware, my friends; that damn clock spins
so quickly through the years.
Just when you think your life begins,
it’s done; old age appears.
I find I now must wear Depends
and aides stuck in my ears.

Things aren’t so bad, I tell myself.
I’ve learned a thing or two.
Before you put me on the shelf,
there’s lots old folks can do.

Hell, I can hiccup, fart, and sneeze
and make my dentures fly with ease.

[word count = 112]

The Shrinking Stanzas
alternating lines 0f iambic tetrameter and iambic trimester –
final couplet – iambic tetrameter – provides a twist or a summary of the poem
rhyming scheme – abababab, cdcdcd, efef, gg

[3rd Place Winner - Sept. 2017 - "Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest]
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