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Minimum wage will never work. How about we get paid a percentage of the company profit?
You work hard day after day, doing the daily grind hoping to earn enough money to provide for yourself, your kids, your family or maybe you are alone just trying to get by. But you come to find that your back-breaking and sweaty labor pays very little because you're stuck on minimum wage. "What is the solution to all this" you may ask? Maybe your employer should pay their fair share of the companies' profits to you and your fellow co-workers!

The very idea of the company setting aside a reasonable amount of the profit that will be shared among all employees sounds like a good idea for the employees, but the employers will probably be skeptical and quite concerned.

Truth is, no matter how big or small the company, a national flat-rate of return to employees would affect all employers the same way, because different businesses will have different amounts of income. Small or locally owned businesses will pay the same as say the larger companies such as corporations. All profits from the 'flat-rate of return' would be shared equally among the employees. Then the states may raise the flat-rate of return according to the gross income the state rakes in.

This would dramatically reduce wasteful spending by the government because returning the citizens their share of the companies' profit, the government will have to live well within their means and all will have the opportunity to live the American Dream once again as they find work more fulfilling when they can earn a bit more, and they can make more as the company makes more return in their investments!

Congress should introduce and pass legislation which replaces minimum wage with a national flat-rate of return. The flat-rate of return ensures that all companies with employees will set aside a generous amount of the companies percentage they earn in income to the people who work at their companies. I estimate that paying employees 15-20% of the companies' income is reasonable for a national rate, and to let the states raise the amount of money their own flat-rate of return gives back to employees.
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