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A Poem Inspired by "The Odyssey"
Penelope, we come to you,
Our wares we put on show,
“Your one true love has left you,
Oh, so very long ago.”

“Penelope, I love you!”
Is what I wish to say,
Along with fifty others,
Surrounding you today.

We eat your food, and drink your wine,
In your villa by the sea,
Forsaking all due kindness,
Or hospitality.

“Your husband’s gone!” We shout at you,
Never to return,
But we will gladly take his place,
All others we will spurn.

Time ticks by and yet we stay,
When all you want is peace,
While we set up altars made for you,
All worship you would cease.

“Pick one of us!” We demand of you,
When really you want none,
You’re content to live alone,
Underneath the sun.

Cause true love never makes demands,
You wanted us to hear,
We never listened or obeyed,
While Odysseus drew near.

When finally he returned to you,
Your husband was revealed,
With sword and bow we met our deaths,
Our fates were fastly sealed.

A lesson learned, upon my death,
Regardless of how she’s sweet,
Do not put out Penelope,
Or Hades you will meet.
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