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There is a...there is a man in the sea. Well and alive...but for how long?
It was a warm summer morning. Waves kept hitting the shore as if it was the first time they met with it, and the sand and everything on it insisted on remaining on the shore, maybe because they feared the vast sea or because they loved the land.

A body emerged among the cliffs, and to what it belonged was yet to be determined. With clumsy, but determined manner, he was approaching the sea. He obviously had more serious issues than being lost among the waves: a bullet had penetrated into his stomach, pouring out all the content of it as if trying to erase all the anatomical details it possessed.

Death was waiting for him somewhere among the waves with promise of soothing, and it was also chasing him from behind with intention of tormenting , and also calmly wandering in-between; sometimes coming close to analyze the wound with pitying look, and sometimes bursting into a seemingly unstoppable laughter, a laughter that pierced through the heart of the boy. All these events seemed to be leading the boy to one destination: the sea, the waves, the water.

Already incapable of breathing the fresh air, he was rushing as if with intention of breathing the water – not the air bubbles inside it, but the water itself. Water would go through his mouth and nose, fill his lungs, and give him a new life. He would become something different – an amphibian, a fish, a plant – something alive. Something alive and something that would remain alive for really long time – so long that it is futile to care about the end of it. He would succeed, because he could not lose. He had never died; why would he this time?. Maybe tomorrow, but surely not today. Yes, yes! Tomorrow at a predetermined time he would come here and kill himself if order. That all-powerful being must be somewhere watching over him, giving him orders and granting his wishes. The wish was quite clear – to live! So was the order…
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