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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Death · #2135890
Anthony meets the demon of slavery and meets an untimely demise.
         Anthony sat in a chair in his son, Jason's room and watched over Jason while he slept. Anthony has a history of pissing off demons and is now paying for it with his son who is paying for his dad's crimes.
         Jason is sound asleep and is snoring. Every once in a while, he'll mumble in his sleep. Allen is only five years old, but, has already made claims that "they scare him".
         "How is he?" Emily asked Anthony in a whisper.
         Emily is Jason's mom and Anthony's wife. Emily married Anthony after getting pregnant with Jason in 2012. Jason was born in June of that year.
         He seems to be fine right now, although he mumbles every now and then." Anthony whispered back.
         "Poor kid. I'm sure he's fine. Why don't you come to bed?"
         Anthony could use the rest because he hasn't been sleeping well ever since Jason started sleeping in the hallway instead of his bedroom a few nights prior.
"They scare me." Jason said.
"Who scares you?" Anthony responded.
Jason didn't respond though, and Anthony left it at that because he knew what "they" were.
Anthony got up out of the chair and walked exhaustedly to the bedroom while whispering to Emily, "I suppose I could use the rest. After taking their meds, both Emily and Anthony laid down to go to sleep. Anthony was almost out, when he heard a loud bang coming from Jason's room. He got up to go see what the bang was. Jason was still asleep but Anthony knew that the bang was to get his attention more than it was to attempt to wake Jason.
"Alright you son of a bitch, you got my attention. What do you want?"
He didn't get an answer, so he went back to bed to an annoyed Emily.
"Why don't you just ignore the bangs when you know that's what they want is to get under your skin?
"I just want to know what they want. Why do they need my attention every night?"
"Why do you need to know so badly? I mean, does it really matter at this point? Another thing, it would seem to me that you would already know the answer to that question.
I know, but, I want to hear it from them. Anthony thought, but didn't bother to say it aloud. "I just wanted closure, Emily."
"So do I, but, pissing them off isn't going to help matters.
"I guess you're right, but, I am tired of them being around. Let's just leave it at that"
He leaned over and kissed her deeply. Emily kissed him back, then rolled over and fell asleep. Anthony, meanwhile, held her but stayed awake thinking about how to settle this problem once and for all.
The next night, Jason fell asleep in the hallway again. Anthony put him in his bedroom then sat in the chair in the dark watching over Jason. An hour later, there was another bang. This time, the bang woke Jason up, who was kicking and screaming.
"Alright, damn it. Now you listen to me demon. Jason is my son who has nothing to do with this. You got a problem you take it up with me."
"No you listen to me you pathetic human", came a deep sinister voice. "I am in charge here, not you. So you listen to me. Because of your decision to call me out all those years ago, you are stuck with me. Now that you have a first-born son, he is forever damned because of you. You see, he now belongs to me. Don't bother going to God about it either because He's responsible for my existence. Besides, god don't care about the human race. If he did, then there wouldn't be any sin to start with."
"That's not true and you know it. If god didn't care, then He wouldn't have sent Jesus to die to save us."
"That just proves that Jesus is nothing more than a fool. If god cared so much, then why didn't he come down himself and do the job himself?"
"You know, you have a valid point and I have often pondered that very point, but, you know what? I concluded that it don't matter why He didn't come down and do the job himself. Jesus was willing to come down himself for the sake of us all. What I want to know is why you minions continue to do your evil deeds knowing that you're forever damned to hell?"
The demon sneered at this question. "Come on now. Everybody knows that our sole purpose is to rob humans of their joy and to steal as many souls from God as we can. You ought to know that by now."
"I see. What is your name, then? If you're going to be around awhile I might as well have your name." Anthony said in defeat.
"The name is Abdiel the demon of slaves and slavery."
"So that is what to become of us then is we're to become your slaves? Over my dead body. You will have to kill me before I become your slave."
"Oh. I see. Well, I don't do any killing, but, I can bring in Alastor if you wish."
"I don't give a shit what you do as long as you leave my son alone."
"Very well, then. I shall go and summon Alastor and will be back tomorrow night to take your life. I hope it was worth it, human.
"The name is Anthony, damn it." Anthony said defiantly.
"Such defiance coming from a dead man. It is a shame really, I really could've used you for our army. You seem to be quite the fighter, Anthony. I admire that out of a human. Maybe your son will become as much of a fighter as you have become. Enjoy the rest of your life while you can because I will be here tomorrow night with Alastor to claim your soul.
"You can't claim my soul. My soul belongs to God and has since I was seven so nice try. You can kill me all you want but at least I won't be burning hell when my time comes."
The next day, Anthony spent all of his time with Emily and Jason. After Jason fell asleep and was in bed, Anthony made love to Emily one last time before his demise. Then he heard the loud bang.
"Anthony, no. please don't go in there. Maybe, if you stay out of there, then your life will be spared.
"If I do, then, they might take Jason's, and I can't do that. You and Jason living your lives without me will be easier than you living without Jason."
Anthony made it to the door frame then fell to the floor dead before he hit the ground. Emily went to Anthony and saw that his throat was slit. She looked up to see Jason standing in the door way standing over his father. He then, killed Emily before turning the knife on himself. In the end, Ablator claimed the lives of three people on this tragic night.

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