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Rated: E · Short Story · Biographical · #2135898
I knew what she would look like one night far in the future. I just had to find her.
My brain for whatever reason, doesn't form and hold images.
I have some memories from when I was younger when that was not the case, but most of the memories have faded to far to trust.
One of the few I have always had though was a dark haired woman, sleeping with her face tilted to one side.
I couldn't tell her race, age or anything really beyond the dark colored hair, contented half smile and cheeks with enough curves to know they were not part of a skin and bones body.
It was a moment frozen in time but gave me hints toward what the future held for me.
Every woman I have ever paid attention to has had hair that would potentially match the moment, but the years went by and none worked out.
One day I found myself knowing that I needed to make unwanted changes.
I was comfortable in my job, my home, my free time.
I quit my job, moved and started on online profile.
I then left the new job and moved again after a series of first dates that ended without second dates.
Then it all began to change for the better.
A match popped up and the picture was one I recognized.
It was her.
The face now had a profile.
We went through the weird dance of the site to get to know each other.
We finally met in real life.
I doubt I could have made a worst first impression, but she agreed to a second date.
Then a third, fourth and eventually I convinced her that I could be trusted.
Years later she agreed to be my wife.
Then one day on a sixth of April, a new face showed up in my head.
She was nervous yet determined to get through her presentation on brain computer interfaces.
I heard her voice in the background as I saw a giant tube CRT monitor.
Bulky flat screens followed.
After that she was talking about face worn Occulas type VR setups.
Then we were looking at virtual retina displays.
I was getting completely engrossed by the presentation at this point.
Just as the image changed to an internal representation of an implanted brain interface, she went off script.
I didn't really hear it due to my focus on the image, but my brain rewound what had just been heard and I said.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You are my daughter?
She nodded.
From the future?
She nodded again.
Ok daughter from the future.
What stock do you recommend?
She laughed and the tension melted away from her.
She told me the stock that may or may not be worth the most in twenty forty.
She was then gone.
Just in case though, I told my wife.
She didn't believe me.
I didn't blame her.
I went out and purchased prenatal vitamins and books on pregnancy just in case.
Sometime later we find out she is now pregnant.
Due date was right.
She is now in the first grade.
I can already see the similarities to what she will look like when she is fully grown.
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