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A rich friend pays me to humiliate me under her feet

Chapter 1 -- Fantasy Football

My name is Debashrita and I run a fantasy football league with some friends of mine back in my college days and a few new girls we added for a 20-team league. We meet every year for our face-to-face draft. There is no money involved, just a bunch of girls having fun. We are all very competitive and research the players, smack talk, and all of that.

There is this one new girl Aanchal who has tried to get up to speed by asking me a lot of questions. At first she would send me e-mails and then we would chat online. She is a good girl and fun to chat with and I enjoy chatting fantasy football while I multi-task and check football news or stats.

Every now and then Aanchal would slip into the conversations implications that she is rich. It was amusing because she is not good at being subtle. She is not trying to be funny but it gives me a good chuckle most every time because it is silly.

One time as we were chatting online I decided to ask her about it.

Debashrita: Are you rich?

Aanchal: yes

Debashrita: That must be nice

Aanchal: you have no idea, it's beyond great

Debashrita: Cool

Aanchal: how about you

Debashrita: no, just a regular girl

Aanchal: what is it like to have to work?

Debashrita: It sucks, believe me!

Aanchal: i believe you, i would think it would be like slavery, a slave to money

Debashrita: Yes, if you put it that way

Aanchal: that makes me superior to you, right??

I wasn't sure how to respond to this. Was she trying to bait me into anger or something? I think the last time I was angry was 15 years ago, it just isn't in my playbook. I was amused instead of angry.

Debashrita: I guess it depends how you look at things

Aanchal: I have everything I want in life while you are a slave to money, doesn't seem like equality to me

Debashrita: Like I said, depends how you look at it

Aanchal: don't you feel inferior?

Debashrita: I am lucky to have a stable job and no money problems

Aanchal: ok

Aanchal: hey, would you like to come over and see my house?It's a big house

This girl was too much. If she thought that my seeing her house would rub my inferiority in my face, she would be disappointed.

In a way she was right about me being a slave to money. I so much want to save for retirement that I am careful about what I spend money on, probably to the point of being a tight-wad, well, definitely to that point. If I ever get a chance to work overtime on my job I take it, even though I hate it, because I like being paid time-and-a-half. I would probably work overtime just to get paid regular time but my job does not have much overtime work available.

I always wondered how rich people lived. I think most rich people still work but they don't need to so they are probably able to choose what they work on, maybe they focus on investing instead of working or maybe they just work part-time because they can. They probably work on what they love to do, I could only dream of that. I like watching those lifestyles of the rich and marvel at some of the huge houses they have.

So even though I figured Aanchal would try to belittle me with her smug attitude, I wouldn't be bothered by that and I wanted to see her house.

Debashrita: Yes, I would like that

Aanchal: are you doing anything now?

Debashrita: No

Aanchal: come over, I will e-mail you my address now, be here in 30 minutes?

Debashrita: Yes, cool, I will see you then

Chapter 2 -- Attitude

Her house was large but it was not a mansion. She lived alone so maybe it was sufficient to have "only" 4 bedrooms, a big game room, a big swimming pool, etc.

I complimented her on the house as she gave me the tour. She was a cool girl to talk with, joking around, not the smugness I was expecting at all. We connected well, meaning she seemed to enjoy my jokes and she was very easy to talk with.

When the tour was over we sat on her living room couch and finished off milk shakes she had made. She brought up our earlier chat topic by asking "So do you feel like a slave to money?"

I said "Yes, I think a large majority of people do even if they don't think of it that way. It isn't really being a slave because we have a choice in how we earn money and since billions of people are all dependent on money it isn't like feeling depressed or different, it's just the way things are."

She said "Not for me. When someone like you encounters someone like me, does that make you feel different?"

There is that inadvertent dig, "someone like you" as if I was a second-class citizen. It was amusing and I didn't want to stop her smug and funny attitude by pointing out her choice of words.

I replied "I guess yes, sort of, except that we think of you as the different ones. Sort of like you are a freak."

She laughed and did not take offense to my joking around. She said "Do you think of someone like me as a superior or just as a freak?"

I answered "I don't think I get the superior thing. It's my understanding that superior means a better person, like superman or something. Superwoman can leap tall buildings with a single bound."

She interrupted "And rich people can buy tall buildings."

I let that sink in and said "Hmmm, I think I see what you mean. You can do things which others can't, regardless of whether it is due to superhuman strength or whatever, and you feel that this makes you superior to others who can't."

She said "Right, exactly. Do you not agree with this point of view?"

I said "No, all women are created equal and just because someone can do something.... What about someone who can do math real fast or catch a football on their fingertips or sack the quarterback. Are they superior? I'm sure there is something I can do that most others can't, that true for most everyone."

She replied "Yes, in that one talent they have. But it's the totality of the person which is at question, not just one talent. Now a great wide receiver in football is probably also rich so she is not only superior in being able to catch the ball but superior in having money to be able to do whatever she wants to do. So in her case I would say that she is superior."

I said "Is money the only meaningful way someone can be superior?"

She answered "Pretty much. If you had a choice would you rather be able to catch a football on your fingertips but not be able to make any money off that or would you rather be rich?"

I said "Rich."

She said "Would you rather do math real fast or be rich?"

I said "I think I see where you are going. Because most everyone in the world wants more money, those who already have a lot of money are superior to those who don't, right?"

She said "Yes, exactly. Not only that most everyone wants more money, they need it, they can't survive without it or can't survive well anyway. They are slaves to money and there is literally no escape until death."

I considered this for a moment. It was ridiculous to think that rich people were superior so there had to be a counter-argument but my mind was run into circles and I could not think of one.

I said "You win, I'm sure that there is something I'm not thinking of but you make a convincing case."

She said "I don't win if you do not believe what I am saying."

I offered "I believe that you believe what you are saying."

She replied "I want you to believe. How would you like Rs.500?"

I responded "How would I like it? I would like it in two 200s and a 100" and we chuckled.

She said "No, seriously, I would like to offer you Rs.500 to do something. Any interest?"

This was taking an interesting turn. It felt weird for a friend to be offering me money for something. If she had a job opening for me that would be one thing but she was trying to make a point and I felt uncomfortable with where this was going. On the other hand, I really liked having extra money to put in the bank and that was more important than any strange feeling I might have.

I answered "Yes, what do you have in mind?"

She said "I would like you to lie on the floor for 15 minutes while I rub my socked feet all over your face."

What the hell. Does she have hatred for people she thinks are inferior that she wants to humiliate them? Maybe. But despite her vile offer I wasn't getting that feeling, my intuition told me that she was just enjoying herself and she wasn't doing this out of hatred.

I said "Let me think" and I thought it out for several seconds. Rs.500 for 15 minutes is Rs.2000 an hour which is around 8 hours of work at my pay rate, and it is tax free. Would I rather work 12 hours or have her socked feet rubbed on my face for 15 minutes?

This was a no-brainer by a long shot. I said "Yes, I'm game."

That made her happy, I could tell from her body language.

In writing this journal I realize now that my math was off. She was not going to pay me the equivalent of 12 hours of my work, she was paying me Rs.500 which was the equivalent of 2 hours of my work or the equivalent of 3 due to the tax adjustment. I feel shamed that my mind was not able to do this math but this was in the past.

To comply with our deal, I got down on the floor and lay parallel to the couch, face up. She took her tennis shoes off and then started rubbing her white socked feet all over my face. She was rubbing it in good to completely humiliate me as I felt her socked foot on my forehead then pressed against my nose, while she rubbed her other foot against my lips. I had been breathing through my mouth to avoid the smell but she covered that with her foot so now I had to smell her sock and it smelled as I expected, like a foot.

This was a lot more humiliating than I had anticipated. I wondered how many showers I would need to take to get the smell off my face. But 15 minutes of this was infinitely better than 12 hours of work.

After a few minutes she said "Do you feel inferior now?" I could not answer with her foot over my mouth, she laughed and said "Oh sorry, your too busy worshipping my foot!" and laughed some more.

I did feel inferior. Rich people would never feel the need to have someone's feet in their face. Probably most other people wouldn't agree to do this in the first place so maybe it didn't have anything to do with rich or not, maybe I just was inferior for allowing myself to be a slave to money.

After 15 minutes she lifted her feet off my face and I felt relief at the fresh air and just being done with the humiliating experience. I wondered if she and I could ever even chat like normal people again but I had overestimated the effect of this, from her point of view she already felt that I was inferior so my being under her feet was not something out of character. As I got off the floor I tried to pick up my self-esteem to be able to talk with her and I was mostly successful.

When I was seated back on the couch she asked "Are you okay? Here is the Rs.500."

I accepted the money and replied "Yes, I'm fine, thanks." Seeing the money in my hands definitely lifted my spirits.

She asked "Was it worth it?"

A part of me didn't want to say the full truth because I felt humiliated and the full truth would humiliate me even more, but a bigger part of me wanted her to know the full truth so that my bank account could grow with hopefully more offers of money.

I replied "Yes, it was very much worth it, thank you very much."

She was beaming. She said "There is plenty more where that came from, if you are interested?"

Chapter 3 -- Interest

I was very interested. If I understood her correctly, this could be a good source of quick income for me. I figured that I could not grovel under her feet a whole lot of times, my self-respect does have some boundaries, but every now and then who knows?

I answered "Yes, I am very interested."

She said "Wow that is great." She paused and said "Do you feel inferior now?"

I replied honestly and because I figured it was what she wanted to hear "Yes, I am inferior to you..." I agonized over whether or not to say the next word, I wanted her to keep feeding me cash so I wanted to say it but the next word was humiliating for me to say, even more humiliating than admitting that I am inferior. I went ahead and said it, "..., mistress."

She smiled at me and said "I like that, a whole lot." She then acted like a mystic seer and said "I think I see a bright future for you, lots of money in your future."

It was strange how casual she was about this situation. She felt completely in her element lording her superiority over me while at the same time joking around with me as if I was an equal. She didn't seem to have any hatred in her so, while she was enjoying my humiliation it didn't seem to be because she is sadistic in wanting me to be in pain, she was just enjoying the feeling of superiority. I guess that is a type of sadism but this was consensual because I was getting a good amount of money so I was good with it.

She asked "Would you like some more money now?"

I felt like a dog in her Mistress's leash, would you like to go out to play now? Yes, oh please, yes I love to play! More money please, mistress, yes!

I tried to keep cool and said "What do you have in mind?"

She said "Same thing and same Rs.500 except my feet would be bare."

Ugh, bare feet on my face for 15 minutes. I didn't know if I could take that. 15 minutes of that or 12 hours of work. Gosh, that was so much money for such a small amount of time. Rs.500 it may not seem like much but it is like dinner for 5 nights for me on my meager budget. This was another no-brainer except I wanted to make sure of something.

I asked "Are your feet dirty?"

She took one sock off and put her foot on her knee and said "Take a look." Her foot was not dirty at all.

So I said "Okay, should I lie down now?"

She playfully waved her arms motioning downward and said "Be my guest."

I dreaded what was about to happen but I got down on the ground and waited for it. She did not hesitate, she rubbed one bare foot all over my face and seemed to linger on my lips to really drive home the humiliation. Her foot was a bit sweaty and I could feel it sticking just a tiny bit to my face each time she pressed down.

This was terrible. I felt like dirt under her feet and that's what I was. She rested one foot over my eyes and forehead while the other bare foot played with my lips and nose. She rubbed her big toe against my lips and I almost gagged, I pursed my lips to get them out of the way and that helped. With my mouth covered I had to breathe through my nose and the smell of her feet was not overly strong but it was definitely the smell of sweaty feet and it took all of my effort not to turn my body away.

I kept telling myself 12 hours of work, 12 hours of work and that helped me a lot during this humiliation. I was able to calm down and not be as sensitive to the smell of her feet, the feel of her toe on my pursed lips and on my nose, and the overall humiliation at being under her bare feet.

Fortunately, she didn't say anything because I don't know if I could have taken any more humiliation.

When it was over and she lifted her feet off my face I turned over on my stomach and then was going to push myself up but I was so humiliated that I just wanted to bury my face in the carpet. I realized that I wanted to cry but I fought that off since the ordeal was over.

I pushed myself up to my knees and then onto the couch, but I could not make eye contact with her.

She asked "Are you okay?" and held out another Rs.500 bill.

This time the truth was that I was not yet okay but I didn't want her to know that, I wasn't ready to decide whether or not I wanted any more of her money this way and I worried that if I let her know how much I was hurting she might not offer again so I took the safe route and answered while still looking away "Yes, I just need to catch my breath." I grabbed the Rs.500 and put it in my pocket.

She chuckled and said "That makes sense, I imagine that there wasn't much fresh air down there" and chuckled at her joke which increased my humiliation.

Chapter 4 -- Recovery

It did not take me long to recover my self-esteem, or a bit of it anyway, and I was able to look at her while we talked further.

This experience was painful for me and I wondered if she experienced any pain at being down Rs.1000 just for 30 minutes so I asked her "Are you okay from a money standpoint?"

That really made her laugh. She didn't seem to be laughing at me as if my question was stupid, she was just genuinely tickled.

When she was done laughing she said "That is one of the great things about being rich, spending money is easy and it is like a drop in the bucket."

I said "I envy you. You really are superior to me."

I said this strange statement because I wanted to continue to puff up her ego so she would feed me more cash. Even after the two sessions of humiliation I decided that 12 hours of work was much much worse and I would go through probably as many sessions as she wanted. I also made the statement because after so much humiliation I felt that the statement was true, she could have me groveling on the floor beneath her feet while she laughed at me, and it was just because she was rich and I was not. That made her superior.

I reminded myself that most people would probably not agree to grovel under her feet for Rs.500, and it was not right for me to speak about rich people or poor people in general. In my mind I retracted my general thoughts and just focused specifically on her and me. She is superior to me, I am inferior. I felt that this was true with all of my being, now. I am a slave to money and she is not. It is just a simple fact.

After my statement she seemed to really look into my eyes. I think she was trying to see how sincere I was. She said "Would you like to make more money?"

I almost blurted out my excitement like a dog, I quickly stopped myself but I then quickly felt ashamed for it. Am I really so pathetic?

I managed to say "What do you have in mind?"

She said "For Rs.200 I would like you to spend 10 minutes licking my bare feet."

Oh my gosh. Licking her feet this time? I couldn't do that, that was too much. And it was only Rs.200. I had to thing this through so I said "Let me think."

Rs.200 for 10 minutes is Rs.1200 for an hour which is almost 5 hours of work and if you include tax that is around 7 hours of work. Would I rather spend 7 hours at work or 10 minutes licking her bare feet?

This can't be as much of another no-brainer as it sounds. 7 hours is a long time at work, I could get almost a whole day worth of pay for just 10 minutes?

But geez it was 10 minutes of licking her feet. But it was 7 hours of work.

I said "That sounds good to me." When I said it I felt as if I was agreeing to something big, like agreeing to cut my arm off, and a part of me had instant regret for agreeing to this but a bigger part of me was really glad at being able to make so much money for a small amount of time.

She said "Get down on your knees in front of me" and I said "Yes, mistress." In the past couple of minutes she seemed more, something, I think it was more demanding, less respectful. She didn't help guide me to the floor like last time, she basically commanded me to kneel at her feet. Her attitude increased my humiliation and feeling of inferiority but Rs.200 was Rs.200 so I gladly obeyed her command and internally thanked her for the opportunity to serve her.

Once I was on my knees she crossed one foot over her knee and told me "I am going to watch as you lick my foot. You need to lick all over my foot for 10 minutes."

I said "Yes, mistress, thank you, mistress."

Why the hell did I say thank you? I don't need to worship her, that was not part of the task I was being paid for. I need to just do what she says and stop being so inferior, except that inferior is just how I felt, especially at this moment, and I actually did feel thankful that she was allowing me the opportunity to lick her foot.

I looked at the sole of her bare foot right in front of my face and tried to muster the ability to push my face closer. I felt an invisible force stopping my head from moving forward, it was as if every fiber of my being was pushing against me to prevent me from doing something I would regret. But I would not regret this, 7 hours of work was a long time to toil away and this was much better than that.

So I forced my face forward and fought against my internal pressures to push my tongue out of my mouth. When my tongue connected with the sole of her foot I felt a sudden rush of blood to my head. I was humiliated to the core and my face felt hot. It was sort of the same feeling as blushing but it was much stronger.

I closed my eyes and forced myself past the embarrassment to run my tongue up against the sole of her bare foot from near the heel up to the ball of the foot. The taste was beyond horrible, it was like licking, well, it was like licking a foot, there is no other way to describe the taste. I guess I could say that the taste was like the smell of foot except that it was concentrated all on one place where the tongue met the foot. In any case, it took all of my effort not to gag.

After a couple of times licking her foot from the heel to the ball of her foot, the taste became more bearable, maybe I had licked off the sweat which was there so I was licking a cleaner foot or maybe I was just getting used to it. I think it was the latter because when she told me "Lick my toes," the initial taste of her toes was not as bad as the initial taste of the sole of her foot.

All of this focusing on the taste of her foot was terrible but I realized at this point that it diverted my attention from the worst part of this experience. The humiliation. She was watching me lick her foot and this along with the taste made this a severe experience. It was unthinkable but I was literally licking a girl's sweaty bare foot. Just thinking that increased my humiliation.

My eyes began to tear up. I didn't know if I could take any more of this humiliation. I think it had only been 2 or 3 minutes, I didn't think I could make it to 10.

But I had to keep going, if I stopped now or wiped my tears she would probably not feed me cash again. 7 hours of work, 7 hours of work.

I closed my eyes tight, allowing a couple of tears to run down my face, and renewed my efforts at licking her foot. I licked her toes like they were candy and I even licked between her toes, swallowing with great effort the lint which I found there. I licked up and down the sole of her foot like it was an ice cream cone.

She pulled her foot away and I opened my eyes to see that she was swapping feet. I breathed deeply for the first time since this horrible ordeal had begun 5 minutes ago and I moved to the other side to give me access to the sole of her foot which was crossed over her other knee.

The humiliation was not as intense after I had been doing this for 5 minutes so I was able keep my eyes open as I licked her foot up and down the sole and between the toes. She adjusted the angle of her foot and I complied with what she wanted by wrapping my mouth around her first two toes and sucking the sweat off her toes. I made sure to press my tongue several times between her toes. She moved her foot to allow me to suck each of her toes and lick thoroughly between each toe.

It seemed to go on for an eternity. I felt like a permanent foot slave who was only worthy of licking my Mistress's feet. I lost track of time and forgot to check my watch but she stopped me after 10 minutes and it was finally over.

I felt great relief once her foot was no longer right in my face and mouth. I felt like I was alive again.

Strangely, I had less trouble recovering from this latest session compared to the last one which was her bare feet just rubbing on the surface of my face, I was able to sit on the couch and make eye contact without having to gather my senses.

I thought about that for a moment. Licking her feet was far worse than either of the other sessions. I figured that I was getting used to being completely humiliated at her feet so maybe future sessions wouldn't be so bad.

She held out a Rs.200 bill and asked "How do you feel?"

I took the money and said "Thank you, mistress. I feel okay. Richer." I even was able to smile and she smiled back.

She asked "Are you ready for more?"

I did not know if I could handle any more today so I deflected and said "I think I need a break, may I have some juice or cola or something?"

She chuckled and said "Sure, I guess the taste of my feet is not exactly something you want to savor. Is orange juice okay?" and I said "Yes, thank you." She went into the kitchen and brought back a big glass of cold orange juice. I again said "Thank you" and emptied the glass. I declined her offer for more juice.

The juice was great at removing the foot taste from my mouth. I pressed my tongue against the roof of my mouth and I could not taste any foot flavor at all so I was grateful for that. I did not think that I could take any more humiliation today so I was glad when she started talking about fantasy football.

Chapter 5 -- Farther

After another 5 minutes, though, we returned to the uncomfortable subject when she asked "So, are you ready to make some more money today?"

I had decided that I was not ready for that and would try to postpone for another day. I really didn't want to blow this opportunity for making quick cash in the future so I tried to be very careful in what I said.

"I really would like to and I hope you will have me over again, but I think I'm tired for today and need to get some rest." Getting rest sounded like an excuse so I internally kicked myself, but I had to say something.

She said "Okay, that's cool. We can get together another day." It sounded like she was disappointed and was trying to cover it up.

I was panicking that she was not going to want to get together any more so I said "If you're not tired or anything now, I could go on some more today." I was pathetic, I didn't want any more today but I was so afraid that she wouldn't give me any more money that I was basically begging her to let me grovel at my feet. I felt ashamed but I still felt it was the right thing to do.

She said "Are you sure? You're not too tired?"

I said "I'm sure, I'll do whatever you want." Pathetic.

That brightened her up so at least it was worth it. She said "Ok, how about a freebie, I'll pay you for the next thing but how about if you get on your hands and knees, crawl to me, kiss the tops of my bare feet several times, and beg me to let you lick my feet. It should only take less than a minute and I won't make you lick my feet but this one's on you."

She was working me. She wanted me to feel maximum humiliation and she is good at it. She could tell that I was desperate for more money. She knew I wouldn't refuse her freebie.

I got down on my hands and knees, bowed my head, crawled towards her feet, and planted several kisses on the tops of each of her bare feet. Over and over I kissed her feet. I asked myself why I was doing this. There was no payment here, but I knew that there would be payment later.

It was difficult to push myself up on my knees for the next part, was I really going to beg her to allow me to lick her feet? The sad thing was that I meant it, I really did want to lick her feet because it meant more cash so I really was begging, and that made it all the more humiliating.

I got up on my knees and without thinking about it limped my wrists so they were hanging in front of me like a fucking dog and said "Please, mistress, please may I lick your bare feet" and I meant it so I said it even more earnestly "Please, please mistress, please let me lick the sweat off your feet."

She was beaming. It seemed like she grew to 10 feet tall in front of me. She said "Ok, for Rs.200 you can lick my bare feet for 20 minutes, just like you did before."

She put one foot crossed over on the other knee, like before. I didn't even think about the taste or the humiliation, I just started licking all over her foot. I felt really low like I was worse than dirt but I was getting used to that feeling and had already decided that the money was worth it. As I continued to lick the sole of her foot and between her toes, I thought about the money, this time it was Rs.200 for 20 minutes which meant $60 for an hour which was about 3 hours of pay at my job. I didn't like the direction that was heading. At some point it wouldn't be worth it to do all of these things but still, 20 minutes of this extreme humiliation was better than 3 hours of work.

Or I think it is. I'm not sure, it is difficult to think when all I could see is her bare foot in front of me, all I could feel is her sole on my tongue, and all I could taste was her foot. I closed my eyes and just kept licking, I would think about this later.

10 minutes licking one foot is a very long time. It felt like 3 hours as every humiliating second seemed to drag on. And then I had to do the same to the other foot. I know I could make it the full 20 minutes but I didn't think I could ever look her in the eye again, maybe I couldn't ever look anyone in the eye again after this.

As I was licking her other foot I tried to think about something else entirely, fantasy football, but I couldn't do it, all I could think and all I could feel was hit foot and toes on my tongue like it would be there forever.

Towards the end of the 20 minutes I started to cry. I felt so humiliated that I had no control over my show of emotion and tears streamed down my face. I had to keep licking to earn the Rs.200 so I was able to finish but when she said time is up I collapsed with my face to the carpet next to her feet, she rested one foot on top of my head to make me feel even lower. It felt like I was doomed to always be at her feet for the rest of my life.

After maybe 30 seconds I realized that my situation was not so bad. The session was over and I had earned my Rs.200. I did not need to lie her under her foot.

I got up onto my knees and accepted the Rs.200 she handed out. I wiped the tears from my eyes and as I was getting up she said "Ready for more money, girl?"

I wanted to say please let me rest, let me have a break, how about more juice? But I thought about the money again and knew that I had to acquiesce. "Yes, mistress, I am ready mistress."

She said "Stay on your knees while I explain your next task. I am going to pay you Rs.500 for 15 minutes. How does that sound?"

I replied "It sounds good, mistress, thank you." My gosh, Rs.500 for 15 minutes was Rs.2000 an hour which was 8 hours of work or 12 hours with the tax adjustment. 12 hours of work or 15 minutes of licking her feet? I'd take the feet and love it.

She continued "You will lie on the ground with your face under my bare feet just as you did earlier except that you will not be wearing any clothes, and you will jack off and climax while my toes are in your mouth."

Fucking pervert, no way. Pay me Rs.1 million and then we can talk about it. I got up off my knees and sat on the couch. I remembered that she was not evil, just having fun with her weird kind of sadism and she wasn't doing anything non-consensual so I calmed down right away.

I told her "I would rather not do that."

She said "Are you sure? I could increase the dollar amount if that is what it would take."

I wanted to say how about Rs.1000 but I knew that wasn't reasonable. I said "I don't even know what dollar amount it would take."

She said "Well, let's come up with a number. Let's start with Rs.500 and go up, how about Rs.750?"

I needed to think about this, she wasn't close with her dollar amount but there was an amount which would be worth it. I said "Let me think a moment" so she said "Okay, I will be back in a few minutes" and left the room.

How many hours of work would it be worth to me to... geez, she wanted me to jack off with her toes in my mouth? How humiliating is that? I couldn't think of anything more humiliating in the world which wasn't also painful like torture or whatever. Jacking off with a girl's toes in my mouth had to be the most humiliating thing I could even imagine.

Ok, so would I rather work 50 hours or do this? Have I mentioned lately how much I hate working? Why can't I have money like she does or at least enough that I can be sure to retire at a decent age? However much I make today won't allow me to retire early but if I invest it with the other meager savings I have and let it grow, it would help. And if she had me back other days it really could add up to a lot of money.

Did I want to be back other days?

I calmed my thoughts and just relaxed for a moment. 50 hours of work is not in the ballpark, I would much rather do this, and I could not even think clearly about this without just thinking "this", than work 50 hours. How about 25 hours? 3 days of work was much worse than this. 2 days of work, that still seemed worse than this. Our discussion seemed like a negotiation so I should probably stop at 2 days of work and then we can agree on a middle ground.

How low would I go? That was a bad choice of thoughts, I felt about as low as dirt already. I meant, how many hours of work would be better than doing this? 10 hours of work, that is, working backwards, Rs.2500 minus tax taken out so Rs.2200 or so divided by 4 since it would only be for 15 minutes so Rs.550. Wait, Rs.550? That's not enough. Work that again, I remembered from the first sock session Rs.500 for 15 minutes is 12 hours of work, so maybe my math is a bit off but that is in the right ballpark.

Is my life so bad that I work at a job which is only marginally better than having to lick another girl's bare feet? I guess my job is still 4 or 6 times better than licking her feet so it's not the same.

I guess Rs.500 or Rs.750 was the right amount, as scary as it was to think how humiliated I would be, I decided that I would do this for Rs.750.

Chapter 6 -- Very Strong Emotion

She took a while to return, around 10 minutes. She was wearing different tennis shoes and white socks and her forehead had a bit of perspiration as if she had exerted herself. She was short on breath as she said "So what is it going to be?" and sat down on the couch.

I said "How about Rs.1000?" and she quickly said "Sounds good."

That was it, no negotiating or anything. I should have started higher.

She said "Stand up" and when I was up she said "Take all of your clothes off."

I tried to think of this as a doctor's office but I failed, all I could think of is that she is getting her sexual fantasies satisfied by me and I was allowing it to happen. I felt dirty all over, not just in my mouth from her foot taste.

I took off my shirt, shoes, socks, and pants and paused to see if that was enough, but I knew it wasn't and continued to take off my underwear. I stood completely naked before her. I was sure that she was feeling all sorts of sexual pleasure but this was about as un-sexual as a situation could get for me.

She told me "Lie down next to the couch" so I did that. She still had her shoes and socks on and started to take those off, as she did she told me "I had a quick workout just now and was able to get my feet a little sweaty for you, I hope you like the taste."

Fucking asshole. Why does she have to say things like that? Maybe she was evil and I was just fooling myself. Let's get this over with, this is the last thing I'm doing like this tonight, I just couldn't take any more of this after this.

Once her feet were bare she pressed her big toe to sort of force my mouth open. I wasn't as accommodating this time because I felt that I had had just about enough but I did put my lips around her first two toes and started licking and sucking her toes. That quickly turned my anger into humiliation and I closed my eyes tight so that I wouldn't cry any more. She put her other bare foot over my eyes.

She allowed me the pleasure of sucking her toes for a while, I couldn't tell how long but it was probably a couple of minutes and then she said "Now touch yourself. As soon as you climax we're done and you have earned your pay."

That was good news, she was not going to prolong this to 15 minutes. Maybe it would only last 5 or 7 minutes and then it would be the equivalent of Rs.4000 or more per hour. Rs.4000 is a whole lot of money so I felt better about the situation now. I felt like a whore but Rs.4000 is really a lot of money.

I loosened my eyelids although they were still covered by the foot which was not in my mouth. I continued to suck her toes as I reached my hand down to my penis and starting touching myself. Usually when I masturbate it is while looking at something pleasurable so my penis sort of meets me halfway but this time it was completely limp and I wasn't looking at something pleasurable, I was doing something heinous.

I tried to stroke myself to feel good but there was no response. Masturbation is easy but not when sucking on another girl's toes.

Maybe this was going to take longer than 15 minutes.

I tried harder to make myself hard, I wanted this humiliation to end as soon as possible and then I would pick up my clothes and run out of her house to my car. I stroked myself and eventually was able to get a response, it took me several minutes of touching myself to get fully erect and then I kept stroking until I was just about to release, for some reason at this moment I focused on sticking my tongue deep between her toes and my senses were more focused on her toes than on my penis.

I climaxed much more explosively than I do normally, with her toes in my mouth and her other foot pressing on my face those two sensations outweighed even the pleasurable sensation in my penis and I sucked harder on her toes to try to savor the very wild passion I was feeling at the moment.

The climax was over and I was spent. Her toes were still in my mouth but I had lost energy to suck on them so my tongue just played on the tips of her toes. My penis quickly went back to its original position and I was wet on my lower stomach.

I wondered what has just happened. Why was this much more explosive than all of the other times I had masturbated? I'm using the wrong term, it was more explosive but it was also more pleasurable. I hated to admit it to myself but I just had the most pleasurable masturbation while her toes were in my mouth.

I found the answer to that as I thought about it for a few seconds. It was because it took so much touching myself to get to the stage of climax that is why it was so pleasurable. By the time I climaxed, I was so ready for it that I was bursting at the seams.

Well, that was a relief, I didn't even want to think of how I'd feel if I needed her toes in my mouth for a good climax.

I don't know how long passed while I was in this dream-like post-climactic state, probably only a few seconds because she didn't say anything about time passing.

She lifted her feet off my face and handed me a roll of paper towels to clean up my lower stomach. She handed me a Rs.1000 bill and I took it gratefully, I had earned it. I wiped myself off with a few paper towels and then got up and got dressed. She didn't say anything but she was watching me so she was still getting her jollies looking at me.

I said "I'm going to the bathroom" and she playfully said "Ok, hurrryyy back!"

Hurry back, my ass. She had manipulated me into doing something I didn't want to do and when I wasn't even ready to do anything more today. She was superior to me because she was rich, yes, but she was also dominating me with manipulation and I really felt lower than dirt because of it.

But as I was in the bathroom I thought that even with all that I had been through, I had made good money and I had made the right decisions. Just in the couple of hours I had made Rs.2400 and a lot of that time was just talking or drinking juice. Rs.2400 was worth it in my mind for what I went through

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