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Sexy GILF makes victim's friend bend to her pissy will.

Additti, a beautiful, domineering 25-year-old brunette, had just walked home from the beach, after a long afternoon of sun, sand, drinking her usual wine.

She'd returned home, pulling a light top over her one-piece floral bathing suit, and was puttering about the house when the bell rang. She answered it. There stood Debashrita, a 37-year-old very pretty, slender brunette, looking none too happy. Additti looked down at her hands: She was carrying the very cup from which young Priyanka had happily drunk her piss just an hour or so earlier.

Additti smiled.

"Can I help you, Debashrita?"

"Uh, may I come in, Additti?" Debashrita said nervously, looking down at Additti's sturdy legs and feet in pink flip-flops.

"Certainly, Debashrita, please do," Additti smile graciously, escorting her into the kitchen where Debashrita stood nervously, fidgeting from foot to foot, holding that cup in her hands. "What seems to be the problem?"

"My roommate, Priyanka, came home from the beach a little bit ago....and she left this cup, this cup on the counter and ran to the bathroom...I...I uh...was about to throw it away...when I smelled something...the cup, it smelled ...smelled like, well, urine," she said very nervously now, a hint of anger growing in her quavering voice as she went on, Additti standing before her, arms crossed over her chest, watching the woman try to get out what she knew she was trying to say.

"And I, uh, asked her about it when she came out, Additti, and she suddenly got very nervous," she continued. She told me what happened, Additti, she told me without going into too many disgusting, lurid details, but she told me, and I cannot begin to say how disgusted I am with you, you took advantage of her with your...your...your perversity, your obscenity, your depravity..."

Additti smiled at her, letting Debashrita babble on, angrily, hurt, shocked, her arms flailing as she talked, looking anywhere but at the woman who'd sat on her roommate's face and pissed down her throat an hour earlier and then rewarded her with a cup of hot pee, the very cup the woman was holding now in her trembling hands.

Additti never felt hornier in her life.

"Did your roommate tell you that just before all this 'depravity' happened, I'd caught her smelling and licking the grass I had just peed on, Debashrita?" she said with a stern tone. "Did she tell you I caught her doing it? Did she?"

Debashrita's teary eyes widened, her mouth open as Additti continued, shaking her head, not wanting to hear or believe.

"No, I didn't think so," Additti growled, snapping the cup out of Debashrita's hand, making the other woman jump back, holding it up before her. "Nor did she tell you how eager she was to drink my hot piss from this cup, did she? Or how she made no effort to stop drinking my piss from my pussy?"

Debashrita shook her head harder, tears streaming down her pretty face.

"You sick, sick, sick bitch!" Debashrita finally screamed, snapping back to reality. "How could you? How can you say such horrible, disgusting..."

The slap across her face was sudden and savage, and Debashrita's head snapped to the side as Additti's hand hung in the air after landing it. Additti smiled at her.

"You think about it, you know you do," she growled darkly. "Admit it."

Debashrita shook her head, then pushed herself away from the counter, running toward the door. But not as fast, Additti noticed, as someone who was truly trying to outrun her fear. She strode behind her just as Debashrita was reaching for the door, grabbing her by the shoulders, spinning her around and slamming her against the door, pinning her there, grabbing her wrists and holding her arms to her sides, her face a half inch away, breathing into it.

"The thought intrigues you, makes you hot....," Additti growled, her lips brushing Debashrita's, the brunette jerking her head to try getting away. "The thought of piss...my hot piss...your roommate drinking my piss...YOU drinking my hot, stinging piss...."

"No...no, God, please, no...." Debashrita moaned, going slack against her captor, willing the horrid thoughts away now flooding her brain. "No...."

"Yes, yesssssss," Additti hissed, pulling Debashrita's hands behind her back, grabbing a nearby scarf from the hallway coat rack and quickly tying her hands tightly together. "Oh, yesssss...."

She pressed her hot old body into Debashrita's, pushing her flat against the door, then ran her hands up her sides, over her heaving breasts, to her face, holding it in her fingers, kissing Debashrita's trembling lips, ramming her tongue inside. Debashrita moaned, trying to scream, and felt Additti's hot, thick, wet tongue fill her mouth, then pull out and lap madly at her face, up and down her cheeks, biting them, then nibbling her young neck, then her ears, where Additti rammed her long tongue inside, hissing her domination.

"You want it, you want to drink my piss, too, you sick little bitch," she moaned, tonguing Debashrita's ear, eliciting involuntary groans from the younger woman. "And you will..."

"No...no, please, Additti, please don't..." Debashrita moaned, her body limp against the old woman who lapped and nipped at her ears, neck and face, Additti pushing her crotch into hers, parting her thighs and ramming her own between them, rubbing Debashrita's pussy, grinding her. "Please....."

"Smell me!" Additti snarled, suddenly grabbing Debashrita's shoulders and pushing her to her knees before her, pulling the back of her head and ramming the face between her wrinkled, spread thighs, jamming her nose to the moist fabric of her suit bottom.

Debashrita had no choice but to inhale Additti's piss-scented cunt as the older woman gripped her ears and wiggled her face deeper inside, feeling her heat and wetness transfer to the brunette's moaning lips and mouth. She pulled her back, sitting on the alcove seating area of the hallway, strapping her sagging thigh flesh around Debashrita's ears, the brunette's hands tied behind her, squirming in their bonds.

"Eat me, little bitch, eat my hot, hairy cunt!" Additti growled, pulling aside her suit bottom and enmeshing Debashrita's face in her hirsute snatch, spreading the furry lips and clamping down harder with her scissoring old thighs, tucking a calf across the back of Debashrita's neck to pull her fully into her pungent thatch. "Eat that pussy, suck it...suck the piss out, and whatever is left of YOUR ROOMMATE'S HOT CUM!!!"

Debashrita screamed at the thought of eating her roommate's sperm, a far more horrid thought than merely licking the old woman's cunt and piss, and struggled to pull her head free of Additti's madly clutching thighs, which now quivered from the effort of squeezing the scissored head clamped between them. But the old lady was too strong, too determined, and Debashrita felt herself weakening, crying in that hairy, stinky pussy, and slowly obeyed, slipping her trembling tongue out to spear the slick lips at her mouth, licking and probing inside, Additti moaning at the intrusion, pulling at Debashrita's trapped head with both hands, grinding against the face, using it. She snapped her lush hips up and down, rubbing the entire length of her oily slit all over Debashrita's face, pumping and grinding herself to a thigh-quaking orgasm so hard she nearly broke Debashrita's neck in its crushing finale.

Debashrita was nearly out by the time Additti finished abusing her face, the old woman panting, her tits spilling out of her suit top, a white mound of wrinkled flesh below her tanned cleavage and neck. She smiled down at the dominated woman clutched and gasping in her wrinkled, muscular old thighs and loosened her grip to let Debashrita slip out and back, leaning against the hallway wall, sobbing, her face glistening with Additti's cum.

"There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Additti laughed darkly, standing up to peel off her suit and fold over the crotch of it, kneeling to show Debashrita the yellow-brown stains there. "Take another whiff of me!"

Debashrita screamed as Additti held her head in one hand and brutally rubbed the stinky crotch of the suit over her nose, ramming it inside her nostrils where the stench of Additti's cunt and asshole overwhelmed her, at first making her nauseous and then sending white-hot jolts of sexual electricity streaming from her face to her pussy, filling her with a shame she'd never felt before and a passion she fought hard to ignore but could not.

"Let's see how you really feel, bitch," Additti snarled, leaving her suit around Debashrita's crying face and rudely thrusting her bony old fingers between Debashrita's thighs, spread and bare in her summery shift she wore, plunging them inside her cunt, making the brunette scream and squirm. "Oh, really? You're so fucking wet, you nasty bitch, don't tell me you don't love all this, you filthy whore!"

Debashrita's cunt was gushing now as Additti's hand plunged deeper inside, one, two, three and four fingers, twisting madly, side to side, in and out, her thumb curled into her palm, pushing. Additti looked down, watching her old hand slip inside Debashrita's shaved pussy, the lips spreading until she was nearly wrist deep in her clutching quim. She worked it deeper still, the tendons and muscles of her tanned forearms dancing beneath the old skin. Debashrita screamed at first but screams gave way to moans and her thighs went slack, opening wide to take in Additti's plunging fist.

"Suck," Additti snarled, pulling her suit off Debashrita's face, and ramming one of her wrinkled old tits to the brunette's moaning mouth. "Suckle me..."

Debashrita couldn't stop herself, her lips opening, searching, her tongue lapping the creamy, salty, white flesh of Additti's meaty old tit, finding the nipple, lips closing and sucking, nursing it, moaning madly around it as Additti cradled her sucking face in one hand and continued to fist her hot cunt with the other, the hallway filled with moans, and sloshing wet sounds of sucking and rapid fisting. Additti groaned, her voice thick and hot as she urged Debashrita to cum on her hand and felt her own orgasm building between her squatting thighs.

Both women came with a grunt and a growl, Debashrita succumbing to the pure pleasure of being so completely controlled, dominated by the old woman fisting her pussy. She sucked harder on Additti's nipple, pulling it in her teeth, triggering Additti's cum and when both were done, they lay slumped against the wall, panting for air.

"Damn you, damn you, damn you," Debashrita moaned, eyes closed, her head leaning on Additti's chest as the old woman lay back against the door. "Damn you...."

"Yes, of course, my dear thing," Additti laughed, getting to her feet and grabbing Debashrita's hair, pulling her up and leading the bound woman down the hall to her bedroom.

There, she stripped the younger woman naked and tossed her into the giant glass-wall shower, where Debashrita stumbled and fell to her butt on the cold tile. Additti smiled and turned on the steamer, soon filling the space with clouds of moist heat. Debashrita sat, transfixed, feeling her body erupt in sweat and watched beads of perspiration form on Additti's sexy, sagging body, glistening on that massive gray-haired pussy bush.

Additti walked slowly to Debashrita, sitting on a granite shower bench built into the wall, lifting a foot and placing it against her face. Debashrita moaned, inhaling the sweaty crisp moistness of Additti's wrinkled old sole, wanting to hold it, caress it, fondle it, but struggled against the scarf binding her hands behind her. Instead, on impulse, she stuck out her tongue and lapped madly at the sweaty wrinkled flesh at her face as Additti sat back and held up both legs under her knees, watching Debashrita madly lap from side to side, devouring each nasty old foot, bathing the soles, suckling the heels and licking up and between her filthy soles, feeling and tasting the wet, hot grit and grime. Her pussy flowed between her thighs as she clenched them together, ashamed at the feeling so rapidly overcoming her.

"You nasty little bitch, you LOVE my feet!" Additti laughed.

She let the moaning brunette feast on her gnarled feet for a few moments longer and then scissored Debashrita's neck in her meaty calves, drawing her close, watching as she licked her way up those calves and knees, nibbling the saggy folds of her inner thighs, inhaling the aroma that lay higher up, enhanced by the extreme heat of the steam in the shower.

"Smell," Additti growled, pulling Debashrita's face to her dripping sex, pressing it tight to her and holding the groaning face in place by closing her wrinkled thighs around it, locking her feet behind Debashrita's head, resting them on her sweaty back. "And drink up!"

Debashrita moaned with pleasure and sheer forbidden joy as she inhaled the rank vapors from Additti's sopping wet, hairy pussy, spearing the furry lips with her tongue, tasting the sweaty muscular cunt walls inside, the pissy flavor and the unmistakable flavor of sperm, her roommate's sperm, some of which still lay deep inside Additti's womb and was slowly leaking out into her sucking mouth. The thought of it, of her roommate's hot cum in her mouth, triggered a most powerful orgasm as she knelt before Additti, servicing the old woman, sucking and lapping as wetly and deeply as she could, clenching her own thighs to squeeze out her own thrashing orgasm, her body twisting side to side, her head clamped in place between Additti's amazingly powerful GILF thighs.

"Here it comes, baby," Additti growled, fisting her sweat-slicked tits in her bony hands, twisting the nipples toward her sucking mouth as she unleashed a red-hot torrent of piss into Debashrita's trapped face.

The fluid, golden and hotter than the steam enveloping them, jetted directly into Debashrita's mouth, and it tasted like nectar to her as she gobbled and swallowed and opened her mouth to willingly accept every gushing drop. Additti pissed full force for a solid 30 seconds before the stream dribbled to a trickle, and Debashrita lapped frantically at the source, sucking out every drop, twisting her head from side to side as best she could in her leggy prison, inhaling the rancid urine stench and sucking Additti's pubic hair as clean as she could.

Additti finally unlocked her legs and Debashrita slumped back to rest on her haunches, panting for air, feeling the piss on her face, smelling it in her nostrils. She looked at Additti, amazed by the older woman's sexuality and beauty and couldn't believe what she'd just done, and couldn't wait for what else lay in store.

"Please....Additti...please..." Debashrita heard herself saying, not sure what she meant, her mind swirling with confusion but her lust overriding her.

"Please what, dear girl?" Additti laughed, standing up. "Please stop? Please more?"

"Yes...no...I don't know, I don't know, I don't know," Debashrita groaned, letting her head drop to her chest.

"Well, let's find out," Additti giggled, walking to Debashrita and pushing her face with one foot, knocking her to her back on the steamy shower floor.

Debashrita watched as Additti stood over her, straddling her face, spreading her wrinkled legs and then slowly squatting, the backs of her thighs quivering as she did, her dimpled white ass drawing closer. Debashrita licked her lips as she watched Additti's butt cheeks spread on the descent, and saw the pucker of the old woman's asshole wiggle and open, the ridged muscles beyond pink and wet. Additti squatted on her haunches, her feet astride Debashrita's head and the younger woman watched Additti's rectum pucker, open and wink at her. Desperate for contact, she extended her tongue and felt it brush the exposed, wet meat, hearing her own frantic moans to get deeper.

"I guess that's my answer," Additti giggled, flexing her ass ring tantalizingly close to Debashrita's probing tongue. "You want my sweaty asshole so bad don't you, you naughty little bitch!"

"NO! YES! GOD HELP ME!" Debashrita screamed, eyes wide watching Additti's butt ring expand obscenely above her.

"Lick," Additti hissed, crouching lower and letting the moaning woman beneath her drive her tongue deep inside those wrinkled rectal walls. "Lick it goooood..."

She now sat fully on the young woman's face, knees on the tile floor, as Debashrita drove her tongue inside her butt hole, deeper and deeper, moaning, sucking, licking her way inside, the sounds of her sloshy probing louder than the hissing steam mounting around them. Additti moaned, frigging her hairy cunt with her fingers and now snapping her thick hips back and forth with mounting intensity as she worked toward orgasm. She thrashed madly, dragging her pussy and asshole brutally hard over the face pinned beneath her and bouncing painfully on the hard floor, Debashrita's tongue extended to be used by Additti's pounding crotch. Her meaty, fleshy ass exploded in a quivering vibration, undulating endlessly in a suffocating wave, slapping at the face pinned in its crushing embrace.

"Fuck yeah, riding you bitch, gonna ride your fucking face raw!" Additti screamed as she crashed through a thunderous orgasm, finally settling fully on Debashrita's face, trapping it inside her hunching, sagging ass meat and cutting off her air, making the woman thrash and flail for air and finding none.

By the time Additti finished cumming, Debashrita was nearly out from suffocation. Giggling, Additti lifted her meaty hams off Debashrita's panting face, now sucking in gulps of steamy air.

"Couldn't...couldn't breathe!" she groaned.

"Oh, I cut off your air!" Additti laughed. "Here, try some of mine!"

With that, she squatted back down, pulling apart her meaty cheeks, opening her asshole wide and forcing into Debashrita's mouth, where the young woman sucked desperately. Additti grunted and with an evil laugh, let out a long, sibilant fart into that mouth, Debashrita's eyes going wide at the intrusion of the moist breeze cascading down her throat.

"So nasty of me isn't it!" Additti laughed, farting again and again into Debashrita's sputtering mouth, hearing the echoes they made inside the moaning woman's cheeks, puffed out with each ripping blast. "Could be worse, I could need to shit! Lucky you, I only need to pee!"

Quickly, she spun around, replanting her lushly vegetated and soaking-wet cunt directly onto Debashrita's face, squeezing it in her thighs, and moaning as she grunted out a long, steady stream of piss, driving it into her mouth forcing the young woman to swallow the copious golden fluid that seemed to never end. Debashrita gulped and licked and tried to breathe between staccato bursts of piss, as Additti fingered herself again, cumming and adding her orgasmic gel to the white-hot urine forcing its way down Debashrita's gullet.

She finally climbed off Debashrita's face, which was now awash in Additti's fluids and scent and with a dreamy look in her eyes. Additti giggled, watching the younger woman clench her own meaty thighs together, desperate for her own orgasm, and unable to do it herself with hands still tied behind her back.

"Lemme help ya, baby," Additti laughed, lifting Debashrita to sit on the shower's bench, her legs slack and open. "I'm not totally heartless. I let your roommate cum, so why not keep it in the family!"

She knelt between Debashrita's legs, the woman looking down at her with heavy-lidded eyes, anxious for, yet disbelieving that a woman was about to eat her cunt, though she'd fantasized about it for years, though certainly not by one some 7 years younger than she, but more sexy and powerfully dominant than anything she could imagine. Additti smiled up at Debashrita and dipped her sweat-soaked head down, parting the young woman's cunt lips and dribbling the engorged clit with her tongue, lapping rapidly up and down, making her writhe on her seat.

"Oh dear God...oh sweet Jesus....fuck..fuck that is so fucking good!" she screamed, head back against the shower wall, eyes scrunched shut. "FUCK!"

She'd had orgasms before of course, but not for a very long time, and certainly not like the one welling up in her now. Debashrita's mind raced as she let the electric charge overcome her, spreading from the tips of her toes to the top of her heat in a sheeting wave of pleasure, all centered on that tongue slurping away between her thighs. She came suddenly, catching her by surprise, hunching over now to pump her pussy into Additti's sucking mouth, clamping her slender thighs around the older woman's head and squeezing hard, grinding it in their scissored embrace, gushing out her womanly fluids into Additti's happily lapping mouth.

She came long and hard, for a full 30 seconds, and finally slumped back to the wall, legs snapping open and releasing Additti's laughing head. The older woman sat back, smiling, her face a gelatinous mask of Debashrita's thick cum.

"Not bad, baby, not bad," Additti sighed, lifting Debashrita to her feet and finally untying her hands to pull her close for a tit-to-tit hug, their slick bodies slipping over each other's.

Debashrita accepted Additti's probing tongue in her mouth and moaned as the old woman then lapped at her cheeks and neck, nibbling the sweaty flesh, cupping Debashrita's ass and pumping her pussy into hers. Wordlessly, she then shut off the steam and both cleansed themselves in the shower, soaping each other's bodies, Debashrita marveling at the meaty feel of Additti's, reveling in the sexiness of every sag, every wrinkle, and knowing she was her slave, loving the feel of complete submission.

The women dressed, walking out of the bedroom to the door, where Debashrita turned to face Additti. The older woman smiled darkly, then pressed the young brunette up against the door, pinching her face in her gnarled old fingers, kissing her puckered lips, making Debashrita wet.

"Now," Additti growled, biting Debashrita's ear, then probing it with her tongue. "You will, when I want, come back her anytime I want, either alone...or with that gorgeous roommate of yours! I want you to go home now and tell her exactly what happened, do you understand me?"

Debashrita moaned, nodding her head quickly, feeling Additti's hand now thrust between her thighs, feeling her wetness.

"Then," she continued, licking Debashrita's smooth neck, "I want you to suck her pussy! Do you understand me? I want you to suck that beautiful pussy, your ROOMMATE'S beautiful pussy, and take her cum in your mouth. Then I want you to take her to your shower, sit on her face and PISS all over it, making her drink your golden juices! Understand?"

"Oh yes, yes, Additti, yessssss," Debashrita hissed breathlessly as Additti's magically dancing fingers made her cum as she stood pressed back by the gorgeous GILF. "YESSSS!"

"Good, good," Additti cooed, pulling her hand between them for Debashrita to lick the glistening cream from her fingers. "Now be a good girl, and do as you're told. If you want more, that is...well, even if you don't, actually..."

Debashrita felt behind her for the knob, opening the door, stumbling outside, never taking her eyes off the dominant GILF who had changed her life -- and her roommate's- forever.

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