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A brief description of Chapter Seven
Pre-Chapter Synopsis

Gemma is now living with her mother, Megan. Megan is a drug addict and alcoholic. Although she's had both of her children taken away before, she is the only one who can legally prove a relationship with Gemma. She had produced a copy of her birth certificate to the centre when she discovered she was there. The home had been unable to take her because her foster family had her paperwork and nobody could find them, they'd all disappeared. This meant that in their eyes Jackie and John were legally still her guardians so they didn't want to be liable for her.

Chapter 7 Synopsis

Megan doesn't want Gemma because she's her daughter she's realised that she can claim child support from Dan, Gemma's Father plus other support from the government.

Gemma doesn't remember her mother as such but she remembers the treatment she had at her hands. She finds that little has changed in the four years that she's been away; Megan is still drinking and getting high, which causes her to be extremely aggressive and neglectful to Gemma.

Gemma has to do what's asked of her to try to avoid being beaten, at the same time she deals with hunger and neglect. She has no contact with the outside world. Gemma is aware she knows more than other children but there are things going on in the house that she doesn't understand. These have a darkening emotional effect on her. She realises that however clever or mature she may be, adults still control her life and there appears to be nothing she can do. There is a glimmer of hope for Gemma when an unexpected visitor arrives.
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