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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Jane’s husband was having an affair again. Her mother had always insisted he’d only married her for her money, Jane wouldn’t believe it. The first years had been heaven, even her mother had begun to like him, but now?

Possibly losing Jim weighed heavily. She really loved him, should she give him another chance? Tonight, she sat outside their beach house, in the dark, letting the sound of the ocean soothe her troubled soul.

Occasionally people passed, but she could only hear them due to a thick fog. It made her feel like she was in a little cocoon. There was a light on in the front of house, but it was hidden from here, just as she was hidden from the passerby’s.

Suddenly she heard a noise near the house, then whispering. Feeling delightedly childish, and sneaky, she stayed quiet and listened.

A man’s voice said, “Here?”

And then Jim’s voice! “Yes, she’s inside now. It’s probably unlocked, but here’s the key in case, toss it in the ocean when you’re done.”

“When do I get my money?”

“Clancy’s at eleven.” They left.

Shaken to the core, Jane snuck up to the living room window. As she watched, a strange man entered, holding a gun! Jane fled, not stopping until she was in the police station. The gunman was caught red handed in the house, Jim picked up at Clancy’s, twenty thousand in cash in his briefcase.

The divorce was easy. Jane was amazed at how easy, once she knew he was planning to have her murdered. She was actually relieved, no more wondering, pretending everything was fine. There was only one more thing she had to do. Though she would certainly never live it down, unfortunately, Jane had to let her mother know that she’d been right, again.

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