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Life is about living in the moment.
Life and the way to live it
Often people come up with the question what life actually is. What is it all about? Why are we so eager to live in a happy and peaceful way? Well as a 16 year old boy speaking you may not believe what I say but I want you all to at least read and analyze if I'm right or not.
The life we dream about is having everything we wish for and always be happy. Having perfect children, perfect wife, perfect husband and a perfect life are on the top of our bucket list. Life is about cherishing the little things that happen even if they make us happy or sad. Life is about living through all the bullshit and at the end still manage to live. It's not always about being happy. We can be sad and it will be okay. IT IS OKAY NOT BE OKAY. We don't always get what we desire and that's why we should be satisfied with what we have.
People think that they should make others happy and impress them in every way so that they make a good impact on others. But have we ever thought once what is it like to make ourselves happy? NO. That is what is wrong with the people. All our life we believe making others happy is the ultimate goal, it is the way to success. Just for a minute stop thinking about others and make yourself happy and then maybe your thoughts will change. Life is not about living the dream because w can't have everything we dream of. Just for a moment try to live in the moment.
At the end, when you'll die everyone will say something good about you even if they don't mean it. Everyone of them will want you to rest in peace. You will make enemies and friends and every one will be the same on the day you die. Life is all about you, you are the one who controls it and make good of it. So for a change just try to live without making others happy and by doing what you think is right.


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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2136086-Life-and-he-way-to-live-it