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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2136404
A man gets tired of having power.
''Ever heard of a dumb superpower?'' a man asked, chin rested on his intertwined fingers, eyes obscured in shadow. ''I'm not referring to bullshit like having your limbs fall of or turning into a potato. I'm talking about dumb in a sense of something designed to be useful but not fulfilling its purpose.''

The man got up sharply. His chair went back and his hands slammed his desk.

''It's mind numbing really. I had this power designed so that I could avoid the consequences of my crimes but it failed. I can't shoot you without consequences because that would be useless. The bullet would pass right through. I'm also sure there would be the same number of bullets in the clip as before I shot.''

''You see, killing you, losing a bullet, those are all consequences. And like getting captured for a crime, my power negates those too. Hell. I can't even gorge myself on food with my power because the flavor of the food is a consequence of me eating it. I'd just end up stuffing myself without reason, neither relishing in or damning the experience.''

The men lowered his hand, it passed right through the desk. He moved it around like he would move it around water.

''Using it even my mental state, even my age won't change. I can stand around for a millennia and I would feel neither boredom nor excitement, nor any sort of change. Like a shadow, a ghost.''

''So'' said the man opposite him ''You won't shoot me and once again you won't be sorry for your actions as they have no consequences.''

The criminal gave an exaggerated smile.

''Screw that.'' he pointed a gun. ''I'm tired of not leaving any trace in this world. Right now I'm gonna paint that wall.''

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