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chief drivers which drive me to work out from Day till the week end.

A mirror is one of those stuffs one can’t do without in this era we’re living. I wonder if am the only of my kind, but, being a “growing” bodybuilder, am gonna admit I have developed that habit of peeking at every shiny reflective items that I comes across, and do a review if am getting it. Whenever am passing by that tinted car of my “Favorite” neighbor with my vest or tight T-shirt on am always like, Damn! Is this Really how I look in the real sense or this stuff is making fun out of me… Anyway, my mind is always in conflict with my thoughts and since they have never settled their gripe, I just decided to give them space and let them settle it on their own.
Being an African, I have to proudly say I really love my body to an extent that am always doing that one thing to please it: Working Out. Yeah… A gym freak they say. Though it will be a topic of next time, us Africans although it’s such that we’re so lazy at time, we’re truly blessed with great bodies but most, particularly in our country believe that being chubby, and men having ‘big tummies symbolizes wealthy. Am neither a Nutritionist nor a trainer, but as that one freak in the gym, I think some of such people are lazy. However, I have realized that lot of people in my area often start working out so as to lose/gain but unfortunately many get exhausted along the way and never get to the finishing Line even when it’s dimly visible to their eyes. As such, sometimes the individuals are to blame and at time not to. This being being my first consistent year as an athletic bodybuilder, I know and believe that there’re some things individuals ought to know and make good use of if they want to be Successful in the gym.
As I stated earlier, am neither an instructor nor a Nutritionist, thus am stating this this out of experience and from what I have come to discover. I started working out in September 2016 and 2017, though it’s not yet over, I have to acknowledge have been a successful period to me “gymnastically”. In my current residence I don’t have so many friends to brag of but the few I have got are always like, “man, what are you doing nowadays”. My answer is one and is always one, “working out is my world now..” But, how do I normally get it? No coach; No modern equipment; and no Supplements! But, …am achieving it! But,..How? Anyway, it’s very simple and am proud to say, I does it basic. Being my first Gym piece, I have decided to just share of my core drivers. Yeah… those chief drivers which drive me to work out from Day 1 of the week and even during my Rest day (Sunday).

 Passion. Yeah, Being passionate of it. Each and every one has got that one thing which he/she loves doing. That one thing you think you can’t do without and if denied it, you just feel like you have been deprived one of your vitals like breath. In my life now, working out has become part of my life and I believe one of the things I can’t put up with now is interruption of my working out hours. If one really want to be successful in the gym, develop that passion and make it your basic necessity. Like it, do it, and Love it more. Let that love of it be driving you from your Bedroom to that room you use as your gym. Be it that shed at the edge of your compound, or the Platinum Fitness center in your City, let that passion drive you to it. Treat it like that car or that sonsy girl in you hood you’re passionate of taking for a ride. Sure! That’s it that kicks me out of my bed and let me kick my gym door with much enthusiasm!..
Real you. Yes! Be real you when in that room. Actually this is what drives me most and I work out like a real maniac. In fact, the real truth is that no many like the way I does it but I normally tells them, “it’s working real good for me.. am not competing.” As always, I just turn a blind eye to their utterances and never get to think if they’ll smirk afterwards.....(continued at > http://wp.me/p76EVQ-b)
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