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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2136410
Isabella somehow ends up at her Grandma's house. But it has a secret....Werewolves!? :O
River Secrets


Run. It was all I could do. My legs started galloping like a horse's, trying to escape from the clutches of my pursuers. My breathing was unsteady, panting, needing for air. The cool night breeze pressed into my face. It was a dark night. The moon was nowhere to be seen, blending in with the stars. I couldn't see well, but managed not to trip so far.
Just as soon as I thought I could outrun them, a thin root sticking upwards, "gripped" on my ankle. I tried to catch my self from falling, but my stupid brain wouldn't work with my body, so down I went.
"Shit!" I yelled. My chin was the first to score the ground, then my arms, then my clumsy body. Luckily, I realized I fell into a hole. Sadly, my mouth was stuffed with wet dirt. I officially had my dinner. I spat the disgusting dirt out of my mouth and rubbed my tongue with my thumbs.
"Fuck, where did she go?" A man's voice yelled. I tired changing my position, then a twig snapped. It was a silent forest, so the twig snapping, was very loud. I just dug myself a grave. Footsteps approached. And then it stopped. Dirt crumbled above me, falling onto my boots. A light shined on the spot I was in before.
"Ha, found you!" A broad man jumped down, to where I was. "You can't hide from me!" He said. My back was practically attached to the wall. My body trembled, afraid. Grabbing onto my hands, he started dragging me upwards. "Look what I found!" He proudly showed me to his buddies, when I made it to the top. Smiles crept onto their faces, with delight. "We'll earn a grand, if we turn her in!" A guy to the right exclaimed. "Even if you don't want to go, they said they won't care if we turn you in alive or not. "She'll be quieter that way." One guy approached me, holding a sharp knife glistening
I stared at it in horror. "Please, don't." Tears swelled in my eyes. I was afraid. "Please." My muffled pleads wouldn't move them. They were cold-blooded hunters, only looking for gold.
I closed my eyes, waiting for him to strike. But it never happened. A blood curling scream ringed in my ear. I opened my eyes, red everywhere. Out of the corner of my eyes, a big creature lashed at it's victim. The guy who tried to kill me! Then the creature turned its attention to the broad guy. His eyes was stricken in fear. He dashed away from it but he never made it, falling onto the ground like a doll. It turned its head, lingering his eyes on me. I expected him to finish me off, but he didn't. He whined at me. His killing intent gone. Two blue gorgeous eyes stared at me. It shined brightly in the night sky and it was alluring. My eyes were captured in awe. I had never anything like this before. Sort of alien like but amazing at the same time. There was a hint of warmth in it, making me feel pleasant.
Slowly, I made my way to him. His white fur looked out of place, but it was beautiful. "Thank you." I said. "Mr. Wolf." But before I could say anything more, a sudden jolt hit my neck, slamming me onto the ground. Soon everything looked blurry and dark. "Is she okay?" A male's voice lingered in my head. The voices were eerie but I could still hear.
"I didn't hit her too hard." A female's voice. "Get her inside, Kane." She picked up my wrist, checking for my pulse. "She's alive, Kane." "Don't worry." She turned her head. "You've done a great job, Ace."
Someone picked me up and hoisted me onto their shoulder. Then, I couldn't hear anything anymore. The last thing I felt was something soft and warm, before I was dragged into the dark, empty, pitch black nothing.
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