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A tale in a second person perspective. Does your mind wonder like this?
You lay there on your bed, the world seeming to be revolving around you. It's as if you're left behind in the past. Stuck, caged in desire and wishfulness. You're but a speck in the grand scheme of things, but you always knew that, didn't you? That is not what bothers you. What bothers you is how you matter. How can a grain of sand change the course of the waves. The ever so powerful force pushing you back down. Society, rules, norms... for heaven's sake, just being human brings it's own complications.

Sometimes you just want to take a gun, pull it to your head and pull the trigger. Bliss. Maybe. Who knew what was at the other side of that door. Who could be for certain, really.

Don't think that way, you know that kind of thinking brings doubt. It does nothing to alleviate your problems by having little faith in everything.
But perhaps that mindset would allow you to never be dissapointed. Perhaps...ironic. A word that survived on doubt.

So really, how could you, one miniscule atom in an enourmous world, change anything? That voice inside of you tells you one step at a time. Touching and influencing one life at a time. A butterfly effect in the making.

Then there's those whispers that try to convince you it's hopeless. Close your eyes and breathe. Dont let the clamour in your head keep you up all night. Remember, you own your mind, don't let it own you.
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