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Rated: E · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2136483
Kushina challenged Konan to a battle and lost, so she has to be her slave

Kushina challenged Konan to a battle and lost, so she has to be a sexy Kalosian slave for a week...or will it be longer?

Kushina tugged at the hem of her short skirt as she also tried to pull up the top a little bit. Top and bottom, either way it showed too much for her to feel comfortable. It was a simple black outfit with lots of frills, the stereotypical kind of slave uniform designed just to be sexy rather than practical.

"Do I really have to wear this?" she asked, looking toward Konan, who was sitting in a plush chair and sipping a cup of tea.

"Well, let's see," Konan considered, putting her finger to her cheek in a contemplative manner. "Did you lose the battle?"

"...Yes," Kushina sighed.

"Which means you lost the bet?" Konan continued.

"Yes," Kushina confirmed unhappily.

"Which means you have to do whatever I desire for a full week?" Konan prodded.

"Yes," Kushina growled, gritting her teeth.

"Well, then, I guess you do, hm?" Konan answered with a smirk as she eyed her servant for the week.

"But...if you feel it's a little too scanty for you, then maybe we should add a little something to it. And I know just the thing," she said with a grin that made Kushina shiver with anticipation. She had heard rumors about the woman's taste, and knew that whatever was in store for her, it was going to be difficult.

Standing up, Konan approached the younger girl, circling around her. She lightly touched the girl's neck, letting her finger slide slowly down her body. Kushina tried to keep her posture straight. She had had already gotten a scolding for it once today.

"If you had won our little match, I wonder...just what you would have made me do?" Konan asked, as her finger dipped under the skirt to brush Kushina's thighs. "Well, it doesn't matter. I won, and for the next week, you belong to me."

The Elite Four woman turned and stepped away. "Don't turn around," Konan ordered. Kushina froze in place; she was almost ready to look back to see what her 'mistress' had in mind for her. Whatever Konan was doing was taking a few moments, and in that time, Kushina thought about just what she would have the woman doing if she had been the winner. It wouldn't have been too different from what Konan was having her do now, really...Kushina would have had Konan crawling on all fours as her personal pet for the week, and that would have just been the start. But the Ice trainer had been much better with her than Kushina had expected, and there was no denying that Kushina lost.

Looking straight ahead, Kushina found herself staring at a large, nude portrait of Konan. It was tasteful enough that the League couldn't really object to Konan hanging it here, but it was also undeniably erotic. Staring at the portrait, Kushina couldn't help but feel a tiny hint of arousal, the smallest hint of moisture forming between her legs.

"Enjoying the panting? Burgh did a very good job," Konan remarked from behind her. "And despite whatever rumors might say, he is indeed straight. Sadly for him, I'm only interested in women, though I found his offer quite flattering.

Konan reached under Kushina's skirt, and in one quick motion she yanked off the girl's panties. Kushina yelped a little in surprise, and quickly received a small slap on the rear. "Quiet now," Konan ordered as she guided Kushina to lift each of her legs to remove the undergarments. "Now then! You will be wearing these for the rest of the week," she announced, sliding onto Kushina a new pair. Right away Kushina could feel something made of soft latex sliding into place. It was lined with small nubs that began rubbing her slightly. Kushina let out a silent, happy sigh at the sensation of the nubs caressing her.

However, whatever small pleasure she was getting from them disappeared when her heard a small clicking sound.

"A chastity belt," Konan declared causally. "I'll allow to cum at the end of our week together." She returned to her chair with an evil chuckle.

It took a few moments for the woman's words to fully sink in. "Wait, you...you won't let me orgasm for a week?!" Kushina asked in horror.

Konan smirked from her seat. "I do believe that is what I just said, isn't it?"

Kushina trembled in despair. She could barely go a few hours without masturbating! Spending a week around such a beautiful woman, with these stimulating panties, and not being allowed to touch herself the whole time...Kushina felt like collapsing to the floor and weeping already.

"Now, come over her and give me a foot rub," Konan said, holding out one leg. "These boots are brand new, and I haven't gotten them broken in just yet." She wiggled her foot invitingly.

Swallowing her despair as best she could, Kushina followed the order and began to walk toward Konan. As she did, the tiny bumps and ridges that lined her panties rubbed against her quim more than before, stimulating her further. (A whole week of this, with no satisfaction...how will I make it?)

Kneeling down in front of her "mistress," she set to unlacing the knee-high boots. Pulling them off, she was hit by the faint scent of sweat. It was not particularly strong...in fact, she found it oddly pleasant, and enjoyable, personal scent that tickled her nose. In fact, it...it was even quite arousing.

"Do you like the smell of my feet, dear?" Konan asked, pressing her socked foot into Kushina's face, forcing the girl to breathe the scent in deeply. Kushina found herself doing so gladly, letting herself get caught up in the heady aroma of Konan.

"I've never met a girl who doesn't get turned on by them, you know" Konan stated with clear pride. Kushina didn't reply, just trying to keep her head clear as the intoxicating aroma swirled within her nostrils and mind. It was going to be hard enough to deal with everything as it was; letting herself get too worked up on the very first day would be very, very bad.

Pulling off the second boot, the scent assaulted her even harder than before. Trying hard to ignore the desire to press her face against Konan's feet and breathe as deeply as she could, Kushina started to pull the socks off, but was stopped by a small click of Konan's tongue. "Leave them on for now, and just give me that foot rub," Konan ordered.

Doing as she was told, Kushina began to softly massage the woman's feet. She could feel Konan's body heat through the fabric. As she worked her fingers along, Konan began to moan, loud exaggerated groans of pleasure that sounded far too over the top to be genuine. Yet they still sparked something in Kushina, making her more and more horny.

"Uhh...mmm...You're very...ah...good at this! But that's enough for now," Konan commented as she pulled her feet away. Kushina tried not to feel disappointed, and failed.

"After a good foot rub, I like to rest and read for a while...so get me a book from over there. I don't care which one," she ordered, pointing her foot at a shelf on the other side of the room. "Oh, and be sure you crawl over there. I want to see that cute little butt of yours nice and high in the air."

Frowning, Kushina lowered herself onto all fours, lifting her hips up so that her rear was prominently exposed. The skirt was far too short, meaning that Konan a perfect view of as much as could be seen with her chastity belt and panties.

(You should be the one crawling around for me!) she thought angrily, as she began to move forward. With this angle, the bumps and ridges of her panties dug into her in new ways, and the latex material was getting slippery with her juices, making it even worse. (This is so irritating...crawling is so slow!) Kushina thought, getting more upset by the second as she made her way to the shelf. It felt like it was taking forever. She was used to giving the order for a woman to crawl, not taking it!

When at last she reached the self, she stood up and picked up one of the books that lined the shelf. Turning, she began to walk back.

"Ah, you have to crawl back as well. Just rest it on the small of your back," Konan ordered.

With a grumble, Kushina did as she was told, making her way back to her "mistress" slowly.

Once she was back, Konan took the book. "Good choice! This is one of my favorites," she commented with a smile. "Now, lay down with your face here," she ordered, pointing straight down.

Prostrating herself before the woman...again, Kushina felt like screaming in frustration. It was one thing when Konan was doing her own thing, but crawling, lying in the dirt below the dominant woman, these were what women were supposed to do for her, what Kushina would have had Konan doing had she won. It was especially humiliating because of this...but Kushina was a girl of her word, and would obey.

Doing as instructed, Kushina soon had Konan's feet resting on her face. "There's no better footrest than a pretty girl like you," Konan commented as she rubbed them along Kushina's cheeks."I wonder how horny you are right now?" Konan questioned aloud, as she brushed her sock-covered toes over her slave's lips.

"Not at all," Kushina lied, though her answer was rather hard to make out as Konan pressed her toes against her mouth. She had to consciously stop herself from licking them.

"That's so cute, how you think I wanted you to answer. Silly, silly girl, what you think does not matter. Now, take my socks off, with your teeth," Konan ordered. Kushina groaned a little. The smell was already driving her crazy...removing the only barrier would just make it even harder to bear. Konan opened her book and began to read.

With some effort, she managed to tug the socks away, leaving Konan's feet in all their bare, curvy glory.

"Lick them."

Kushina set to her task, running her tongue along the bottoms of Konan's feet. She made sure to lavish every inch, tracing the curves of her soles and nibbling at her heels, earning small coos and gasps as she attacked particularly sensitive spots. Even though she hated being in this situation, her pride wouldn't allow her to do less than her very best...and truthfully, she couldn't deny that it was exciting, even delightful, to do so. All the while, Kushina couldn't help but moan a little herself. The scent and taste of this woman was unlike any other she'd ever experienced before, almost intoxicating, and the wetness in her already slick underwear was getting rather uncomfortable.

After nearly an hour, Konan lifted her feet, allowing Kushina to take her first breath of fresh air. "That's enough of that," the dominant woman said. Kushina let out a small sigh, a little from relief, mostly from disappointment. "But don't think we're done just yet. I've just gotten to my favorite part of this story."

With that, Konan placed her feet on Kushina's chest and began kneading her breasts with them, pinching her painful hard nipples between her toes. "I'll finish this chapter, then it's dinner time," she said casually.

Kushina laid on the floor, squirming in uncomfortable arousal as she tried futilely to try and rub her legs together to get some kind of relief. All it accomplished was making things worse. And the constant teasing from Konan wasn't helping any.

At long last, the older woman finally stopped and set her book aside. "Come along. I'm feeling rather hungry, and I'm sure you'd like some food as well," Konan said, beckoning Kushina to follow her into the dining room. "And don't forget to crawl!" she added with a grin.

Once they entered the room, Konan grabbed Kushina and pulled her in close. "I really have wanted to do this for quite some time, Kushina. You are such a sexy little girl...I've been plotting to make you mine, even for just one night. And then you came to me with that silly little bet!" she said, laughing in victorious delight. "You thought you would take me and make me yours, as has become so popular with the ladies of the Elite Four and Gyms lately...you never expected me to turn the tables, did you? Now your little coup has become mine, and how fun it shall be!"

Kushina said nothing, just staring down at the ground in frustration. What was there to say? It was true.

Konan clapped her hands, and a few other maids entered the room, carrying plates of food. Each one's outfit was exactly as arousing but impractical as Kushina's. It was hard to tell given the great difference in outfits, but Kushina was fairly sure one of them was Winona, the Fortree City Gym Leader. Neither of them spoke to, or even really acknowledged, Kushina before leaving.

Looking over the food, Konan smiled. "Looks as delicious as always," she said as she began to undress. Despite seeing the nude portrait earlier, actually seeing Konan nude in person was far more impressive than Kushina had anticipated. The woman had an entrancingly beautiful, full figure, not fat by any means, but with a pleasant soft and curvaceousness everywhere, and between her legs was a thick bush of light blonde pubes that were visibly damp.

"You'll get to eat food when you are done eating me," Konan said as she sat down and motioned for Kushina to get under the table. Obeying, Kushina wasted no time in licking away at the woman's pussy. Just like her feet, the scent was nearly intoxicating. Something about it made her lightheaded with pleasure.

Tilting her eyes up, Kushina stared at Konan's large breasts, full, soft, with an attractive, comfortable droop. As much as she wanted to keep her urges under control, this woman was far too sexy, and she couldn't help herself.

"You are slacking off a little," Konan noted, all at once reaching down, grabbing Kushina's head, and pulling her deeper into her crotch. Kushina found her nose pressed deep into the soft bush of pubic hair, the scent strong enough to drown out any irritation she might have otherwise had. "Now work my clit."

Kushina didn't need to be told; her tongue was already lashing at the hardened nub with all her might. Groaning in pleasure as she ate out her "mistress," Kushina could feel herself reaching the very edge of orgasm, but she knew there was no way she's climax like this...she just needed a little extra stimulation to get there, but with that belt in the way...

It took only a little longer for Konan to cum, rocking her hips a little as she let out a small gush of love juice right into Kushina's mouth. Kushina eagerly drank it, savoring the husky flavor.

Sliding back in her seat, Konan pulled Kushina into her lap. "You did very well, just as I'd hoped," she said, kissing Kushina deeply, and running hr hands along the girl's strong, sculpted thighs.

"Now, it's time for your real meal." Konan took a mouthful of food for herself and chewed for a moment, before pulling Kushina into another kiss, forcing the food into her mouth. Kushina tried to pull away, but Konan held her head steady. After the kiss and the sharing of food was done, she drew back. "You'd better get used to that," Konan warned her. "It's the only way you're going to eat or drink anything other than pussy for the next week, and if you try to pull back even once more, you'll go hungry and thirsty for the rest of the night and all of tomorrow. Resist your Mistress and you WILL be punished...something you should keep in mind this week, and maybe even longer than that."

It was humiliating, but Kushina knew she would need her strength to keep up with all that Konan had planned without losing herself to it. She took the next kiss-feeding without resisting. This went on until the meal was finished.

When the meal was done, Konan had Kushina return to the floor.

"After all of this, I think a hot bath sounds great. Don't you think?" Konan asked.

"Yes, mistress," Kushina answered.

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