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Rated: E · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2136484
Kushina challenged Konan to a battle and lost, so she has to be her slave

Konan led Kushina into her lavish bathroom. The tub was easily large enough to fit six people, and was already filled with hot water, a little steam wafting off the surface. A sweet floral scent filled the air. "I've had some very nice oils added to make it more enjoyable," Konan said as she walked over and dipped her her hand in.

"Now strip. And make it sexy," she ordered, while swirling the water a little. Kushina, with some small reluctance, began to do a little dance, running her hands along her body, slowly tugging the outfit off. She gave a small moan as the panties rubbed her more with every movement.

Once the slave dress was off and she was left only in her panties and chastity belt, Kushina stood, waiting for something more to be said. After all, she wouldn't be able to get them off herself.

"I suppose that was good enough for now. But you'll have to learn to do much better as we go along. With legs like yours, you should be able to give the best striptease in the entire Region," Konan said. Walking over, she removed her necklace with the key and unlocked the belt. In one motion, she removed it and the latex panties. The feeling of air on her soaked pussy was nearly enough to make Kushina cum.

Konan took a moment to drink in the lovely sight before her. Kushina had a lean figure, overall not muscular, but it was clear that she kept herself very fit. Her legs, though, were something else. With their strong, muscular tone, they looked like they should be attached to some amazonian goddess of war, rippling with beautiful power. And right between them was her drenched pussy, shaved smooth, as inviting as any Konan had seen.

Resting Kushina against the edge of the bath, Konan positioned herself so that she was straddling one of Kushina's powerful thighs. "I've been wanting to grind against these legs of yours forever," she whispered as she began to do just that. Her eyes closed in delight as her pussy dragged sensuously along Kushina's limb. "Mmmmm...it's as incredible as I hoped. Ohhh...so soft, but strong...I bet it'll be even better when I put some sexy stockings on you, after we're out of the water!" Konan gasped blissfully as she rubbed harder against Kushina's thigh.

Kushina had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as her mistress used her thigh to get off. She prayed that Konan wouldn't realize just how effective this was at making her hornier, more than anything else in the world! Her legs were extremely sensitive to touch, so much that that's why she always wore stockings. They were the best thing in the world for keeping her horny all the time! And usually with a vibrator in her cunny, held there by her hosiery, whirring its pleasure through her pussy while the decadent, tight stockings held her legs tight...Standing in front of her students, secretly masturbating, it felt so good! And the knowledge that many of those girls were staring at her legs, probably fantasizing about all kinds of dirty things...

"Ah...I don't think I've ever cum this hard this fast!" Konan's voice snapped Kushina back to reality. To her dismay, Konan had finished, her cum dribbling down Kushina's strong, sensitive leg. But she was so, so close! If she was lucky, she could sneak in one little orgasm for herself...just one would make this so much easier. Kushina was already trembling on the edge, a single stroke against her clit would be all it would take...

Trying to sneak a hand between her legs, her wrist was quickly caught. "Naughty girl! Mistress is going to have to punish you," Konan said coldly, even as she was panting hard. Kushina whimpered in frustration; she had been so close! Pressing her chest against Kushina's, Konan began to whisper into the girl's ear. "I'm going to tie you up, spank you, and leave you at the end of my bed, so you can enjoy my feet all...night...long!" She gave a light nip to Kushina's ear to emphasize her point.

Kushina whimpered. Just an hour with those feet had been almost overwhelming! How would she last a full night with them, no escape, no chance to relieve her frustration the whole time?

"Now grab some soap and lather up. Use your body to wash me," the blonde ordered. "And don't think about trying anything to please yourself, or I'll really make your punishment fun for me!"

Kushina nodded miserably as she got the soap and began to rub it along her body, making sure not to touch herself too much and get worked up any more than she was already was. She tried to get everything over with as quickly as she could, pressing her breasts against Konan's back and rubbing her thighs against her waist. But even as she did it, she couldn't help but love the way that Konan would moan a little at every touch.

Once she was finished, Konan did the same for her, though her blonde mistress took her time, caressing and rubbing every spot, teasing and tormenting Kushina by bringing her right to the very edge and then stopping, again and again.

By the time she was finished, Kushina could hardly think straight. She felt so hot, so tightly wound; she needed release so badly! If she could just cum, she'd be able to think again, but she couldn't, couldn't...

"Oh, I should mention that the food you ate earlier was laced with some potent aphrodisiacs. Same with the bath water, actually," Konan informed her with a sadistic grin.

Kushina could only muster a groan in response. Kushina already had trouble thinking straight if she went a full four hours without a good cum under normal circumstances...adding aphrodisiacs to that, no wonder she was nearly out of her mind right now!

"Now then, it's time for you to get dressed," Konan said with a clap. Just like in the dining room, a slave entered, this time carrying a box. Setting it down, the slave left without a word.

"I bought this a while back on a whim, and have been dying to try it out. But none of my usual girls were good enough, though I do love them all," Konan said, as she bent over, rummaging through the box and shaking her hips so that Kushina got a perfect view of her ass and pussy at the same time.

Konan pulled something out and turned around, holding up a latex body suit that was designed to look like a slave outfit. "You...you want me to wear that?" Kushina asked weakly.

"Very observant," Konan said with a grin. She approached Kushina. "Now, you'll need some help getting this on. Poor dear, your mind's so nice and mushy with lust at the moment, you'd probably have a hard time even putting on a pair of pants." Guiding her to sit, Konan helped Kushina put the suit on. It wasn't until she had it on that she realized that the feet were made so that each toe was separate, giving them each a little room. She couldn't help wiggling them, a thrill of deviant delight racing through her as the smooth, sexy leather groaned against itself from their friction.

As the suit was pulled up along her legs, she could feel the tight material clinging to her, highlighting the powerful shape of her calves. As the body suit was pulled up over her hips and covering her pussy, Kushina couldn't help but shudder. The tight, smooth, lusty delight of the latex against her legs was...it was even better than her favorite pair of stockings! Oh, she could almost cum just from this! And just like the panties, the crotch of the suit was lined with bumps and ridges that rubbed at her clit and lips, adding to the delicious frustration. Kushina felt like crying...these latex stockings were going to keep her on the sheerest edge of orgasm all week, and not once would she be able to climax!

The suit was pulled up the rest of the way, squeezing Kushina's breasts tightly, and much to her pleasure and displeasure, she learned that the areas right around her nipples were also lined with bumps, so that her nipples were getting the same treatment as her pussy.

"And now, the finishing touch. You're very attractive, dear, stunningly so, but as pretty as you are, this will still be more fun," Konan said, reaching back into the box and pulling out a hood with an O-ring in the mouth and a small box.

"Sensory deprivation has always sounded like a lot of fun, but I've never really done it before," she said. Opening the small box, she took out a set of ear plugs, and slipped them into Kushina's ears. Right away all the sound became muddled and distant. Only the sound of her own racing heart remained clear in Kushina's head. Her mistress pulled all of Kushina's hair back into a single, long ponytail, and guided it through an opening in the back of the hood as she pulled it on. The hood was solid and opaque, cutting off her vision, and the O-ring forced her mouth open.

"Oh, that is so much sexier than I even thought it would be!" Konan exclaimed to herself, taking a step back to appreciate her servant. The black latex clung so tightly to her every curve, accentuating Kushina's attractive young body, especially those war goddess legs. The way the small skirt hung just a few inches over her crotch was enticing as well. "I can't wait to play with you more!" Kushina could hear none of this, but Konan didn't mind. Taking Kushina's hand, she lead the girl out of the bathroom.

Kushina staggered along somewhat clumsily, since she could not see where she was going. She had to put her faith in Konan, and all things considered, that wasn't very easy. Taking a few deep breaths, Kushina could feel her mouth getting a little dry with the air constantly flowing in through the o ring. Moving her tongue around a little eased it off. But how long would she be made to wear this thing? Thankfully her nose was left alone, so she could still breath normally, but that wasn't much consolation.

All at once they stopped, Kushina bumping into her mistress.

"It's time for your punishment," Konan announced, approaching her bed and pulling Kushina down across her lap. "I know you can't hear me, but I want you to know that you'll be getting twelve swats for being so naughty," Konan decided."But first, I'm going to tease you."

Kushina was lying in her mistress's lap, waiting for her spanking to begin. She could hear some half muffled words from above, but it was impossible to make out. All she could do was wait....with all her senses cut off, time seemed both faster and slower simultaneously. All at once her rear was caressed softly. Even trough the latex she could tell that it was a gentle, slow touch, tracing the contour of her ass. After that, Konan began to drum her fingers along each cheek, just tapping softly.

Each tiny bump of her fingers sent ripples through Kushina's body. The gentleness of the touches made the knowledge of what was coming all the worse. All the while the bumps in her suit were rubbing her tits and pussy, making her more sensitive, and the way the suit was trapping her juices, smearing her crotch with her own lubrication, was adding to it.

Then all the touching stopped, and just as suddenly, Konan grabbed one of her breasts hard. The bumps that lined it dug into the sensitive nub and made Kushina groan through the ring. Konan's hand didn't linger at her breast for long, though, and very soon a few long graceful fingers slipped into her mouth. Without thinking, Kushina began to lick them. She needed to do something to keep her mouth from feeling so dry, she told herself after the fact. And the way that Konan was playing with her tongue was strangely pleasant.

Kushina fell into a near trace as she lavished Konan's digits with her tongue for a period of time that she could not mark. Nearly lost to the simple pleasure, she was snapped back to reality suddenly by the sharp pain as the first strike landed, sending powerful shock waves through her entire body. Kushina tried to cry out, but with the way her mouth as forced open and Konan's fingers placed against her tongue, she couldn't make a proper sound.

The next three strikes came rapid fire. Each was against the exact same spot. Then Konan went back to her original pattern of long, slow strokes, outlining the shape of her butt. But it didn't last as long before the next set of strikes came in an odd rhythm, each slap landing on a different spot, causing a new surge of pain. Making it worse was how hot she was in the latex suit; her sweat and arousal all trapped inside was making every blow sting even more.

Trying to block the pain, Kushina did her best to count each smack. It wasn't easy, but she managed to recall how many had already been delivered. (Eleven, she's can't do too many more...right? Eleven is plenty...she can't do too many more), Kushina thought, almost pleading with the woman in her mind.

Just as she was thinking that, Konan delivered the twelfth strike, though it was not to her ass. It was directly against her crotch this time. The bumps drove into her overly sensitive cunny with a loud, sharp, and rather wet sounding slap. The pain and pleasure mixed together in such an intense way that Kushina could not handle it, and she blacked out. There was no way of knowing how long she was out for, but when her senses came back, she noticed that there was something in her mouth.

Hard and rounded, she rolled her tongue around it, and could tell right away that it was a dildo. She still couldn't see or hear anything. Trying to move a little, she found that she could only wiggle a few inches in any direction; it would seem that she was bound in place.

(This...this is too much...I can hardly think with all this....If this goes on for a whole week, I...I doubt I'll be able to go back to normal...she's going to change me if she can, Konan is going to try to break me, make me her slave forever, and at this rate, I don't, I don't know if I can resist her for a whole week!) Kushina thought, feeling her tears become trapped within the mask she wore. If only she had not lost the battle; she was supposed to make Konan her pet, a cute, devoted, sexy little ice kitty, not become Konan's mindless sex slave!

All at once a familiar and wonderful scent hit her nose. She could tell right away what it was: Konan's feet. They seemed to be mere inches away from her face...with nothing else to do, Kushina laid there, breathing the scent deeply as she licked away at the toy in her mouth. She kept trying to keep her mind focused on what she would do when she got free. She would train, twice as hard as ever before, and she would challenge Konan again, and...and this time she would win, and Konan would be hers!

(Just...have to stay strong. I can still do this, I can still resist, and overcome. Just a week, and...and I can try again. Turn the tables...make her mine...make...make Konan mine...have these wonderful feet for me, taste and sniff my Mistress's feet for...ever...)

With those thoughts, Kushina slowly drifted off, lost in a dream of hazy sex, of release from the building lust.

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