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Kushina challenged Konan to a battle and lost, so she has to be her slave

Konan tweaked Kushina's nipple hard as she kissed her neck. "It's been three days, and you are still showing some resistance. I'm surprised at how strong you are! It's a good thing that you gave me a week; I never would have thought it, but I couldn't have broken you in just one day. This strength of will would have been most annoying then...but now, it's just all the more fun to chip away. Like I'm chiseling off one bit of rock after another, molding the stone of your will into the perfect statue of a loyal, loving slave," she chuckled merrily, biting down on the girl's shoulder and making her wince. Kushina said something in reply, but it was muffled and unclear due to the dildo gag that was in her mouth, as had become the norm. It was only removed for her to eat, be that food or her Mistress's pussy, as well as getting her teeth brushed. Maids needed to be clean and orderly, after all.

"Since you've done so well, I'm going to give you a little reward. Though this is something I've been wanting to do, anyways," Konan said, tossing Kushina onto the bed. She was wearing her regular slave outfit this time, though now with a pair of fishnet stockings encasing her legs. They brought her exquisite arousal, but still no satisfaction.

Konan pulled the stiletto heels off Kushina's feet and pressed them together, bring them to her face and inhaling. "Ah...you smell elegant, my girl, almost as nice as my own feet," she said, moving her own legs up and pressing her feet against the girl's face as if to remind her. Kushina began to sniff right away, letting out a deep moan as she wiggled her hips. At this point, there was no way she could ever resist the chance to inhale that wonderful scent.

"Oh, are you falling in love with my feet, dear? I'm so very happy to know that...later, I'll let you lick them till I fall asleep," she said, pulling them away. Kushina lifted her head a little, trying to follow them.

"So eager! You know, if you stayed here as my slave after this week is over, you'd get to smell my perfect feet all the time," Konan reminded Kushina, and Kushina groaned in delight at the thought. Konan took another sniff of Kushina's feet, then began to lick the small spot of exposed skin between the gaps in the stockings. She moved all around, working her away up Kushina's legs. As she licked, she also used her hands to stroke and rub them.

"No matter how much I touch them or lick them, I just can't get enough of these amazing legs!" Konan moaned in bliss, as she moved around some so that her bare quim was resting on one thigh. She began to grind, while she held Kushina's other leg to her chest, her ample breasts squeezing around it. "Oh, how can any mortal girl have such perfect, powerful legs!"

Kushina groaned in ecstasy as Konan used her thighs. The slick warmth of her Mistress's pussy on her sensitive legs was one of the most wonderfully sexy things she'd ever felt. And after three days of being teased and kept on edge, she had come to love this treatment.

(No...I...I have to stay strong!) she thought, feeling her pussy twitch with delight as her Mistress took her toes between her lips. sucking on them. (I can't give in...oh, it's so good, I love it so much, but I can't give in to it!)

Konan threw her head as she came, hard, soaking the fabric of her slave's stockings. She rocked violently, moaning loudly as she rode it out, driving Kushina deeper into her lustful haze.

"As much fun as that was, I'm still in the mood for something more...interesting," Konan said, standing up and heading over to a cabinet.

"Get up," she ordered as she took out a few items. Kushina got off the bed and stood obediently.

Konan came over, holding what looked to be a single long sleeve and a new par of shoes. Not saying a word, she guided Kushina's arms behind her back and slid them into the sleeve. (A mono-glove), Kushina thought idly.

Next came the new boots, which were thigh-high leather. But the thing that stood out about them was the shape. Their heels were extremely tall, causing the toes pointed down at a steep angle.

(Ballet boots!) Kushina realized in alarm.

As the boots were zipped up, Konan undid the strap that held the gag in place. Pulling the spit-slicked dildo out of Kushina's mouth, she kissed her slave deeply, Reaching back, she gave her ass a hard slap, making her moan. Getting spanked every night for even the tiniest mistake had made Kushina more receptive to it than ever before.

"This is already good and wet; it'll go in nice and easy," Konan said, licking the toy herself. For a moment Kushina hoped that she was at long last going to get some desperately needed relief, but hope was quickly dashed as her Mistress lifted her skirt and placed the toy against a slot in her chastity belt.

"Fuck me as hard as you can, slave! I don't want to you to stop until your legs give out!" Konan ordered as she laid down on her back with her legs spread.

Kushina looked down at the woman before her, so sexy and delicious that her mouth started watering, and with the gag she had gotten so used to no long in her mouth, she couldn't stop drooling. Licking her lips wetly, she took a few steps forward, pressing the tip of the toy against Konan's slit. Each step in the ballet boots strained Kushina's balanced, forcing her to work every muscle in her legs to keep herself upright and balanced. Yet at the same time, there was a certain pleasure from working her sensitive but powerful legs like this, straining them in new and even arousing ways.

Kushina got herself into position in front of her Mistress. At long last, she had some chance to regain control. (I'll fuck her...I'll fuck her so hard she won't be able to stand up for a week!) Kushina thought to herself, slowly rubbing the tip against the length of Konan's cunny. Slowly she moved her hips, teasing the woman, letting the tip brush lightly against the bud of her clit. (I'll tease her till she's as needy as I am!) Kushina thought with new determination as her legs, ankles, and toes strained pleasantly to stay balanced.

"You can do better than that!" Konan chided, all at once wrapping her legs around Kushina's waist and pulling her in as deep as she could. As their hips met, Konan let out a deep moan, writhing and holding her slave in place.

"That's better," she said as she released her legs, allowing Kushina to pull back a little.

Knowing that her Mistress wouldn't let her get away with any more teasing, Kushina decided to just go along with what the blonde wanted. Maybe she'd have another chance...

Pumping her hips as hard and as fast as she could, Kushina slammed into her Mistress full force, over and over. Each time she did, the nubs and ridges in her panties stimulated her own desperate quim to an unbearable level, as her thighs and ankles worked desperately to keep her upright, sending their pleasurable complaints all through her. In the back of her mind, she knew that no mater how hard she fucked Konan, she would not be able to cum herself, even as good as it felt. But Kushina had gone for three days without climax...she was far beyond being able to help herself from seeking it desperately.

As she pumped away, Konan moaned, digging her fingers into the sheets as she came.

Again and again Kushina pounded her Mistress, harder and harder, and Konan moaned, then screamed, at the pleasure being driven into her hard and fast. After over an hour of this vicious fucking, Kushina could feel a tingle of numbness spreading through her legs as the strain and punishment of the ballet boots finally began to catch up with her. Being forced to stand on her toes for so long while working her hips like a woman possessed was taking a major toll. Though Kushina knew that no other girl could have held out even half as long, even her legs and ankles had their limits.

"What's the matter, are you getting tired?" Konan asked mockingly. "I've only cum three times!"

Kushina shook her head. "Not...Not at all!" she retorted as best she could, though her voice was weak and husky. She could hardly focus on anything other than working her hips, and the numbness beginning to spread through her lower limbs. Worse, the pangs in her ankles were rapidly changing from a pleasant strain to just outright painful, and her toes were beginning to throb, too.

"I hope you're right. Because if you give out before I'm satisfied, I'm going to punish you again tonight!" Konan threatened as she wrapped her legs around Kushina again, pulling her in deep. Moving her feet down, Konan placed them right against the back of Kushina's knees, and lightly tapped.

Precariously balanced as she was in the ballet boots and at this point straining past what her body was willing to give her, that was all it took to make Kushina lose her balance, and she fell forward, landing face-first in Konan's cleavage.

"Looks like you can't stand any more. Now, I wonder how many swats that's going to earn you tonight?" Konan wondered aloud.

"I'm...I'm...not....not done yet!" Kushina gasped heavily, as she breathed in the scent of sweat that had gathered in Konan's cleavage. Using every once of strength in her body and trying to ignore that entrancing scent of Konan's, Kushina kept working her hips as best she could.

"Such determination to please me! I think I might end up giving you a reward tonight, instead...if you really can keep it up," Konan said with a chuckle.

Kushina looked up, her eyes nearly glazed as she wiggled her hips, stirring the toy around in Konan's quim. With her face in the soft valley of tit flesh, Kushina was overwhelmed by the smell of Konan's body; it was driving her mad. Letting her tongue loll out, she began to lick away at the damp mounds. The taste was almost intoxicating. As she cleaned them, Kushina moved up and took one nipple into her mouth, and began to suckle.

As Kushina nursed, Konan began to stroke her hair softly.

"So eager to please, and skilled at it. You were born for this, you know. Born to be a beautiful woman's slave," Konan crooned as she held Kushina in place against one of her breasts using her legs, and rocking her entire body against her slave's. Kushina could feel herself getting lightheaded. She was so, so horny, and her legs were aching so badly, and with the way Konan was holding her, she could hardly breathe. But none of that mattered, because it was all creating a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. She was on the brink of an orgasm stronger than any she had ever had before in her life.

"I'm going to be so sad in a few days when I have to let you go...and I think you'll be sad, too. Unless...you want to stay," Konan said, as she suddenly and forcefully pushed Kushina away, causing her to fall back and land on her ass with a heavy thud.

"But you still have a few more day to consider that," Konan said as she got out of the bed and grabbed the brunette's hair, pulling her face-first into her sopping cunt. Out of instinct, Kushina began to lick away, savoring the mixture of sweat and arousal that had soaked into the now matted mess of pubic hair. All thoughts of her own orgasm were washed away by the gush of cum the filled her mouth as Konan pressed against her face hard, her clit rubbing against Kushina's nose, filling the girl's head with her scent.

(Just a few more days until I'm free...), Kushina thought to herself dully, the thought bringing her no joy. It almost seemed like a chore now, holding onto the will to resist, something she was doing without remembering why. (I only get to serve Mistress Konan a few more days until I'm free...)

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