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by Dee
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A database of WDC members with special knowledge on a variety of topics.

WDC Members & Their Knowledge

Music & Instruments

Incurable Romantic - I rebuild the old roll-driven player pianos since 1963. My knowledge covers both the familiar upright foot-pump players and the more complex instruments such as the reproducing baby grand players that can recreate a live performance with such accuracy that the recording artist had to approve the final cut before it could be mass produced for sale. The same knowledge can be applied to the nickelodeons and multi-instrument orchestrions. When you're not sure how to phrase a question, ask it anyway. I can probably figure out what you mean to say.
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Transportation & Travel

Dee - I've been a company driver and an Owner-Operator for over thirty years. I've driven all 48-states, Alaska, and Canada. I have extensive knowledge of the industry, it's rules, regulations, paperwork, and the operation and maintenance of semi-tractors. I also have had the opportunity to see and experience every state in the United States, and have visited on foot, most sights people travel on vacations to see.
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