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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Comedy · #2136575
Broo Spiet is some sort of fantasy hero, but Pierce decides all is not as it seems.
How To Fill Your Empty Heart By R F Smith

They gave me victory.
In my fantasy.
They gave me a win.
To punish your sin.
And still, you came back for more.
My happiness leaves you sore.

Chapter One
Carla Bailey West, and Harry Richard Tank Pierce, were a married couple with four kids.
Pierce saw himself as the ultimate bad boy, and was in cynical mood.
Pierce was listening to the radio. He was annoyed at the performance of his favourite football team Colquay Town, the oldest team in Wales. A team he had once played for.
Then he turned to the newspaper.
The headline read, ‘President of USA, and India, Broo Spiet, visits homeland.'
Pierce commented, ‘The guy looks like a creep. A ret#rd, and he is treated like a hero where ever he goes. What has he ever done for this country?’

Carla laughed and said, ‘The guy is a creep. Looks like Mr Bean. Guy gives me the creeps.’

The radio presenter then reported, that a plane had been hijacked, and was on it’s way to London, and was almost certainly about to crash into a school.
The four kids of Pierce, were sitting in the same room as Pierce, and looked terrified, at the terror attack.
Pierce spoke sneeringly, ‘Oh no! Wait for it. Another bunch of bleedin’ heart cry-babies will take over the news. What hysteria snowflakes are we going to have now? No one is able to go on a plane without a full body check. Perverted creeps.’
Suddenly the radio broadcast reported that from nowhere, the American superhero Panda Unicorn Man had appeared.
The radio broadcaster explained how this was incredible. Panda Unicorn Man was flying up to the plane, and with super strength had opened up the plane steered it round and captured the hijackers.
And there was a crowd of people cheering on the ground below the plane.
Pierce spoke in his home, ‘Oh my God. Not Panda Unicorn Man again. That creep is a real bore. Hasn’t he got anything better to do with his time. He just does it to make people like him, because he is so boring, and sad. Everyone hates him.’

Chapter Two
Pierce was going to go to work, as a scaffolder, but he still had the time to hear the incredible news that the President of USA and India, Broo Spiet had been proclaimed the new King of Great Britain. After the King and Queen had decided that the great Broo Spiet was a greater leader than they were.
Pierce said to himself, as he left the house for work, that it was a disgrace that the King should bow down to this freak. The traitor. Pierce said to himself, ‘The guy is a retard.’
Pierce got to work, after a long walk, from his part of the town, and the radio talk show was again bellowing. As the scaffold men bantered with each other, about how Broo Spiet was probably gay.
Just then the radio cast was interrupted with the Scottish Football Cup Final, that was being held in Glasgow between Glasdeen Thistle and Cleverfries Celtic.
As a special invitation, the President of the USA Broo Spiet, was asked to make a speech.
Broo Spiet spoke passionately, that he had been bullied at school for being shy and that, that gave him the empathy for other bullied people, people who are bullied as weirdoes, shy, gay, Jewish, black, Muslim, Asian, Mexican, lesbian, mentally ill, disabled, being Hispanic, or for being of a different religion.
The crowd then cheered him for his empathy, with the downtrodden of society.
And spontaneously, a round of three cheers for Broo Spiet voiced itself, from the crowd.
Pierce then shouted at the radio, ‘Why are they doing the Scottish Cup Final? And why the hell are grown men cheering a ****ing retard giving out some PC speech about how he got bullied at school?’
Then Pierce gave his offensive views, ‘I always say people who talk about being bullied is the last refuge of the scoundrel, like people who talk about being raped, or child abuse victims. It is self-centred snowflakes, who have a sense of entitlement. I had to work for where I got in life, and I got no help from anyone else.’
Then Pierce shouted down to the lackey, ‘Oh get me another tea would you?’
The scaffolders were furious at the game being played on the radio, but every channel broadcast the same game.
Cleverfries Celtic were 3 - 0 down with 10 minutes to go.
When all of a sudden, the crowd started chanting for Broo Spiet to be brought on.
In contradiction of official rules, Broo Spiet was brought onto the game. Then from nowhere Broo scored 4 incredible goals. One a dribble from his own penalty box past all 11 Glasdeen players. Then a rocket shot from the half way line. Followed by a 30 yard header into the top bin. Then a 30 yard back heel into the net.
Celtic had come back to win 4 - 3, in the final minute.
The crowd cheered Broo Spiet as a hero, and he was carried on the crowd like a conquering warrior.
Broo was carried up to the steps, and said, ‘Thank you.’ Then he had to present himself with the trophy. He told the crowd, ‘Remember to stop bullying. It can cause suicide, and mental illness.’
The scaffolders were furious, and Pierce threw down a hammer he had in his hand. It flew of the scaffolding, and bounced onto the road, almost hitting a car as it clanged to a stop.

Chapter Three
Pierce shouted to his fellow scaffolders. ‘This is weird! Since when did some ****ing mong become the greatest player in the world. I am ringing up the football talk radio show. To preach some truth.’
Pierce forced his foreman to let him ring up the show, and explain that President was a d***.
Pierce then gave his views on the guy, to a football radio show about bullying.
He said, ‘Look bullying does not cause suicide, mental illness does.’
The radio presenter then said, ‘But what if bullying pushes some over the edge, and the abuser knows he is doing that? Would you say someone is not a murderer when they punch an old person to the street, to death, on the logic that punching a physically strong person would not kill them.’
Pierce said, ‘I know people, who have been brought up in war zones, or abused who have not killed themself. We should look at their resilience, not the weak woosies who can’t cope with tough points in life. It is the snowflakes fault they can’t take it.'
Pierce then said that victims who complain are suffering from a narcissus illness.
So the radio presenter joked that, to fools like Pierce, it seemed, anyone who is upset at being criticised is a sufferer of narcissus, even if they are upset for other people.
Pierce shouted back, ‘We need bullies. We need them in the army, police, business, and immigration offices.'
The radio presenter said, ‘So we need people who punish innocent people, discriminate against innocent people, and suggest that innocent people are sexually depraved, claim that everyone wants them to kill themself, and force people to give away their money. Why is that needed? Surely the last people we need in the police, army and business are bullies. Or are you saying we need bullies to know what bullies are? Well do we need rapists and child abusers to know what they are? That is sick twisted logic. We have had enough people bullied, raped, abused to know what suffering is.’
Pierce shouted back, ‘You must have got bullied at school. I think you are just one of those woosies who got bullied at school, and now likes bullying people with political correctness as revenge against us normal people. I’m right aren’t I.’
The radio presenter, ‘It is not bullying to tell people, not be racist, bullying, or homophobic.’

Chapter Four
Pierce returned to home after work, but then saw a police car waiting outside.
The police had come round to investigate him for hate crimes.
But a crowd of other scaffolders, had gathered outside Pierce’s house. They held placards in defence of Pierce. They claimed they supported freedom of speech.
One man, Craig Roberts stood up and made a speech, ‘The right of man to freedom of speech is vital. Once government stops you being able to bully someone to suicide where does it stop? No one speaking up for child abusers, rapists, racists, and wife beaters? I warn you, you will be next. First they came for the bully, then they came for the rapist, then the wife beater. It is tyranny.’
A young man shouted back, ‘That is nonsense. It is surely possible to find a balance between the right to criticise government, and the right for ordinary people to not suffer harassment, slander, and bullying. Bullying is everyday tyranny.'
But Pierce was gathering support from many men, women and children. The crowds were gathering outside his home. A crowd of thousands who chanted his name.
But then the news interrupted, this show.
Panda Unicorn Man revealed he was to make a statement about his true identity.
The crowd quickly filtered away, and the Panda Unicorn Man made a speech on TV to watching billions.
His speech was largely about bullying, and wife beating being bad. But at the end he removed his mask, and put on his glasses.
Yes it was he Broo Spiet, the President of the USA, and India, and King of Great Britain.
The world was amazed.
Pierce ran out to his front lawn, and screamed, ‘What the **** is going on? This is infuriating.’
Suddenly an anonymous fireman walked up to Pierce and whispered to him. ‘Follow me. If you want to hear the truth.'
Pierce followed the fireman swearing under his breath, and discovered the secret, of the world.

The fireman stated his name was Gavin, and the world is full of robots, and that Broo Spiet was a fake. The world was conspired, and fixed in his favour. And that Pierce must prove this to the world. Pierce looked oddly at the fireman Gavin.
Pierce said, ‘You’re not all there, are you lad? You live in a world of your own.’
Then Gavin put his hand up to his back of his own head, and lifted up a flap under his hair. Then Gavin’s face separated in two, opening up to reveal a computer in his head.
Gavin the fireman said, ‘I am a quantum computing robot, and this entire world is created as a con. You must prove this to the world. Prove to the world that Broo is a con trick on all normal people.’

Chapter Five

Meanwhile the Oscar ceremony was taking place.
Broo Spiet was winning the Oscar for best actor, for the tenth year in a row, and it was all for the same line in every film, the line, ‘I am trapped in the prison of mine own mind.’
He then thanked his award on behalf of all child abuse victims, and rape victims.
Pierce had run home, and saw his kids, and wife watching the TV.
Pierce screamed at the TV screen, saying it was a con trick, and that Broo was a PC creep.
Pierce, still in the living room, shouted, ‘This whole world is designed by a conspiracy against normal people. I remember when the world admired real men, not snowflakes and woosies. Not this entitlement, victim culture, narcissus, putting the victim first society.’
Pierce’s wife was confused and worried, then Pierce explained that the world is full of robots. That he was proven to by fireman called Gavin, who had an electronic head with computers in it.
Pierce’s children laughed at him, as a lunatic.
Pierce looked perplexed, and then angry. He ran over to one of his kids and tried to see if the back of his head was a computer controller. The kid started to cry.
Carla started to cry in humiliation as Pierce screamed at the top of his voice that Broo Spiet is a con artist that, ‘The world is not real. It is full of robots.’
Then Pierce screamed at his family, ‘OK so you’re real. But I’ll prove this to you. Just you wait.’
Pierce ran outside, and grabbed an old lady, off the street. He pulled her inside to his house. Then he started screaming at her, and grabbed the back of her hair, as she screamed in terror.
Carla screamed hysterically, ‘What are you doing? You are embarrassing us.’
Pierce ran outside screaming, ‘I’ll get you Broo. I’ll get you. Just you wait.’
But then a police car arrived and took Pierce away.

Chapter Six
Pierce was taken to a cell. Where he heard that Broo Spiet has been elected President of Russia, and had sparked a peaceful democracy take over in China, and had been elected President of the European Union.
Broo Spiet also admitted that he too was the famous billionaire, who had given all his income to helping fight AIDS, and cancer.
Pierce was taken to the local magistrate court, where he and some fellow yob criminals referred to a shy mentally ill quiet guy, standing trial in the waiting, room as a creep. They racially abused the Eastern European clerk, and smoozed with the journalists to only humiliate the shy quiet guy, and to leave the real thugs alone.
Pierce knew these were his people, the street thugs, and bullies were in his view the only normal people.
The court fined Pierce a small fee, and he was reported on in the local paper as a miscarriage of justice.
The local paper reported on Pierce as a hero while the national media ignored him.
But he quickly built up a following as a hero, for the bullies and thugs, who claimed they were the heroic normal people.
Meanwhile Broo was voted world’s sexiest man for the 10th year in a row. Then he performed a comedy set in front of USA TV stations, where his jokes were laughed at like he was some sort of comedy genius as good as Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Billy Connolly, and Richard Pryor in their prime.
Canada, Poland, Bangladesh, Russia, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and France then gave Broo special honours for his work for charity.

Chapter Seven
Pierce was released from the court, and was followed as a heroic martyr by 200 thugs. They saw Broo’s poetry book being sold in the book retailers.
Pierce went in, and read a few pages, of Broo’s new book.
The first poem read, ‘Let me tell you the story about Bootleg Gilly, and the day she came to town.
Let me tell you the story about Bootleg Gilly, and the whisky and the women all around.
Bootleg Gilly, the day she came to town.
Bootleg Gilly, lay your dollar down.
Bootleg Gilly, swig the whisky round.
Bootleg Gilly, the women all around.
Bootleg Gilly, the men they fell to ground.
Bootleg Gilly, they gather all around.
Bootleg Gilly, the, love they all abound.
Bootleg Gilly.’

Then he read another poem by Broo, ‘No one remembers the bread and butter.
The men and women who work, hidden from history.
The football players, not on the ball.
The souls lost, from the story for the greater ones.
The teams, who did not win the trophy.
The land, not housing people.
The space, that houses no planet or star.
The sea, with no ships.
And the poems, that win no awards.
No one remembers the bread and butter.
But we are the base of the pyramid.
The background of a story.
That would crumble, to nothing without us.
That history, will have no time for.
But we were a place as real, and vital as the stars, that shine for everyone to see.’
Pierce was annoyed at the poems, which he thought were rubbish.
Then on the radio played a number one song, it was by Broo, again, and the voice was in Pierce’s view rubbish.

The song was interrupted with the news that Broo had James Bond style, by himself foiled a terror plot on innocent kids.
Broo, and his followers were furious at this reporting. They decided it was part of the conspiracy to make normal people like mongs, weirdoes, shy people and minority groups.
Pierce stood in a crowd and passionately spoke for thousands of his fellow thugs to march on the capital of Great Britain. He started off in the Scottish city of Inverness, then travelled through many, many towns, and cities of Great Britain building up millions marching behind him by the end of his march. He marched through, Inverness, Holywell, Manchester, Swindon, Carlisle, Newquay, Bristol, Wrexham, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Norwich, Ipswich, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Northampton, Newport - Gwent, Dundee, Derby, Berwick, Coventry, Chester, Southampton, Milton Keynes, Llanelli, Cardiff, Swansea, Birmingham, Middlesbrough, Bathgate, Newcastle, Nottingham, Fort William, Cwmbran, Stoke, Hull, Newquay, Birkenhead, Ayr, Bristol, Motherwell, Bath, Truro, Plymouth and other cities, towns and villages. He built up a following 3,350,000 men and women, behind him.
They marched on the capital, London, where Broo was. So they could explain they knew the truth, that he was a fake idol. They knew this world was made up to pretend he was some sort of a genius, when in reality he was a weird creepy freak, who could not get a job anywhere in the real world.
The streets of London, thronged with this massive march of hate, and vindictiveness toward Broo.
Most held banners, and played hate songs, toward Broo, and the causes he stood for.

Chapter Nine
Broo welcomed the leaders of the protest in to hear Pierce’s view.
Broo was stationed at the 20th floor of the Budgie Wharf skyscraper.
He allowed in the leader of the march, Pierce, and some other gang leaders Craig Parry Paul Robertson, and Barry Rhys Damian Morgan.
Craig was a big balding builder, of twenty two who hated gays, and gypsies.
Barry was a middle class snob, who hated weirdoes and mongs.
Brook sat silently as they explained that they knew Broo was a con artist. That he had no skill or ability, that the world was a conspiracy by weirdoes, mongs, creeps, and freaks, to help the losers of society think they were the best, when they were really the worst.
Then Broo laughed furiously, with his female assistant Lady Saca.
Pierce, Barry and Craig swore, and said that Broo should be dead, or in jail for being a weirdo.
But Broo started to explain the truth.
Broo explained that, ‘Yes, I am a trick. But I have a strong reason, and answer for why this world was created for Pierce, and his followers. Yes the world is mostly robots, but my heart, and soul is as real as yours. But my powers and talents are fake.’
Pierce laughed smugly, ‘You see. I knew it. Your just some PC creepy, mong who created a imaginary world. You’re probably the creepiest guy in the world, Aren’t you?’
The three bullies laughed in a deep throttled laughter.
But Broo continued to explain, ‘This is a planet light years from the original Earth, that was created using powerful technology, as a copy of the planet earth, as many other worlds have been to punish the bad.’
Pierce said, ‘Punish me for what. I haven’t done nothing.’
Broo explained, ‘The world was created after you Pierce, had bullied me, and my sisters at school. You Pierce on Earth, had raped my mother, and bullied me to the point of suicide, and bullied my sisters to suicide. You were a bully, and a rapist. And, your crime was so great this world was created as your punishment. As to you the type of person you bullied succeeding was Hell.’
Pierce screamed in anger, ‘If the only real people on this world are you, and bullies. Surely the bullies should have the power.’
Broo explained, ‘A world of one good person, and a billion bad people should be subservient to the good person. That is the law of the universe. After all would a prison deserve to be run by the inmates, rather than the guards, on the basis of a majority of the people, are inmates? Evil must always be defeated.’
Broo continued, ‘Punishment is a glorious act for good against evil. Every victory for good against evil, is a victory of sweet justice. You and your ilk were given the opportunity to reform, and support good, and then be rewarded, but you continued to support bullying, and rape.’
Pierce laughed then said, ‘Well all very well, but what will you do now. Now I have found the truth of your pathetic world’
Broo picked up a gun from the desk, and shot Pierce in the head.
Pierce fell to the ground, and groaned as the wound gushed with blood, as he died 20 minutes later.
Barry and Craig were taken to the cells for prison, for all their lives.

The rebellion was squashed, and it was explained that this world was a choice either the thugs live in a world where they were at the bottom, as punishment for being evil, or they face real punishment, in prison. And that is where most of them ended up. Where they referred to the shy as weirdoes and creeps. Where bullies hated the gypsies, blacks, Jews, gays, lesbians, and foreigners.

I am against the death penalty. I am for democracy. But in this story Broo, shoots the bad guy, because that is the way the justice system works in this future society.
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