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Minutes for meeting held 6 September 2017
Minutes, River Valley Flyers, 6 September 2017

Those in attendance:

Bob B
Bob O
Scott J

The meeting was called to order at 1800 (6 O'clock)

The Treasure's report was rendered...

Ending Balance $3356.47l

The Secretary's report was given.

A motion was made to accept the reports and passed with unanimous acclaim.

Old Business:

Field Maintenance: On the 25th of August the field was cut and fertilizer spread. Larry picked up the fertilizer. One of the mowers pulled the spreader. A marking stick was used to locate the flags.

Bob O: Suggested that maybe we should purchase our own spreader.

Scott J: Said he would provide a rotary spreader for this iteration.

Don: Told Scott to leave it in the shed and when we finish we will clean it and put it back in the shed.

Larry: Inquired as to what type of fertilizer we are getting. Someone answered the "Winterization" variety, 13 bags.

Don: Commented that the field looked nice and summarized who would be performing what tasks. He gave cudo's to Don Riska for the great job he is doing in the outfield.

Bob O: Said he would be posting an up-to-date cutting schedule for October.

Don: Regarding the shed, Don said he would put canvas on both ends. The sides are done. The pump and sweeper will winter in the shed. The plan is to use clothes dryer sheets... "Bounce" seems to work best. The work on the shed can take place on field Maintenance Day.

New Business

Roger: We need to get a sheet made up on the club and have them available at Galaxy Hobby. Tasha says she gets plenty of inquiries and an information type brochure would pay dividends.

Bob O: Said he had some left o er from the mall show last year that could be used or provide a starting point for developing a new one. He still has 25 and said he would bring them to Roger's house and maybe the next meeting.

Roger: This is the last year for indoor flying and will begin the first friday night in October. After that the Junior High will closed.

A motion was made to adjourn and was carried at 1904hrs.

Robert P. Barclay
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