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Oct. 5th - Character List
Oct. 5 Character List
(1) Create a list of characters in a format easy to edit and expand.
Alan Watson – 1st Officer
Dayton Grant – Science Officer
Edna Murray – Medical Doctor
Gus Wickham – Chief Engineer
Alfred Haden – Chief Scientist
Marija Novak – Chief Zenologist
Matt Carrick – Master Chief Space Marines
Carl Fischer – Sgt. Major Space Marines

Write a brief profile on each character.
Alan Watson
Space corps, command
Protagonist Primary Character
Dark hair, military bearing Tom Cruise like

Dayton Grant
Space corps, Sciences
Protagonists Primary sidekick
light hair, military bearing like Sam Gamgee

Edna Murray
Space corps, Medical
Protagonists romantic interest
Brunette, very slender. About 5’6”

Gus Wickham
Space corps
key player that balances Protagonists personality
Dark Hair, easy going bearing like Aragon

Alfred Haden
Director Colony Placement
Primary Antagonist
Grey hair, tall thin, similar to Jimmy Stewart, Cochran character in SNG First contact.

Marija Novak
Planetary Zenologist Specialist
Protagonists Primary sidekick
Slavik, raven colored hair medium build.

Matt Carrick
Master Chief Space Marines
Key character, sub plots
Very Military stereotype, buzz cut strong heavy build.

Carl Fischer
Sgt. Major Space Marines
Primary sidekick to Matt Carrick
Built like the Rock, very by the book, wise Sgt.
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