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by BunBun
Rated: E · Short Story · Other · #2136672
A small piece I put together which I wrote last year.
It was a hot summer night as little Elaine walked into the bright, loud, and enormous tent; this would be her first circus.
She wore her favorite black dress with her hair pulled into two small pigtails, with pieces of blue ribbon holding them in their place.
Her mother took hold of her hand gently as they both walked to their seats.
Elaine’s father had been busy at the mill like he was most days, but that didn’t matter, what did matter was this peculiar place was.
This wonderfully strange place.
Elaine’s mother smiled brightly as she looked at the round stage, “Are you excited my dear Elaine? Now, there is a reason as to why I brought you here.” she said softly.
Elaine looked up at her mother, she was curious, as she always was; like when she climbs onto tree branches to see how long she can stand on one foot before falling off, or when she climbed onto the roof and balanced on the ledge.
“I know you love high places, that feeling as if you were on top of the world. Your grace and agility is stunning... I want you to look up.” her mother spoke in a soft voice.
She did as she was told and as the show started she looked up.
Her eyes brightened when she saw a woman balancing on a long rope, high above the ground.
Throughout the show she was entranced as the lady did cartwheels, jumps, spins, and twirls on the tight rope, it was at that moment she knew she wanted to be a tight rope walker.
When Elaine and her mother got home, her mother took her to the back yard, to show Elaine a rope tied from one tree to another.
Elaine hugged her mother tightly as her mother spoke, “Now, I want you to practice every day for at least three hours ok? I want you to make me proud.” Her mother kissed her on her forehead and left Elaine to practice.
Little did they know that Elaine would soon be a world renowned tight rope walker in the years to come.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2136672-The-Tightrope-Walker