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This is the prologue for my book
My breath escaped me , when she walked in. Her face, her smell, even the sound of her soft beautiful voice, so familiar. Like she jumped from the past and appeared in front of me. A saddness in me realized, no its not her, my lovely Contessa, she was gone for centuries now. The human before me is nothing but a reflection of what I lost. God's savage joke. I have lived to long not to understand how vengeful God is when you disobey his laws. I lost myself when i met my beloved Contessa. And now before me temptation ...no never again.
So much has changed over the centuries.The human mind has become fearful and dangerous. When Noah walked the earth humans accepted what they could not fully understand. Noah was the first made Valad and he would remind me often why we exist. First, watch Lucifer and his henchmen and second make sure the humans don't destroy themselves. We have had peace for sometime now. I feel the Valad need to be watchful. I can sence Lucifer has grown bored, I know him better than anyone. He is plotting, I can feel it. The time is near for the Valad to once more make their presence known.
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