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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2136872
Emotions cloud judgement sometimes.
I hate my season.
Not because it's cold or wet.
I don't even care that nobody likes me because of it.
I hate it because it's when I lost her.
The girl with silky waves of pale white hair that cascaded over her shoulders. Her thin, pale shoulders.
She never told me what was going on with her. Though I could almost always see what those beautiful red eyes were hiding.
This time was different.
She was never one to open up.
I always had to search for her true feelings.
Then I asked her to marry me, and her answer sent me to the moon.
Yes, she said.
She was immortal like me, having been given the gift when she was just a baby.
She could control the fire, like I can control the ice.
Though what she couldn't control was her ability to be killed by others like us.
I remember the day she killed her.
That monster with the blue hair and the red eyes.
The smoke Controller.
Her red eyes didn't have that shine to them though.
They were dark and cold, like my own silver ones.
When Lyra died my whole world came crashing in on me.
I remember Autumn being the only one to sympathise with me. The only one willing, in those dark times, to see past who I really was.
When Lyra died, my heart died with her.
It was such a nice day too.
The snow was perfect thanks to my skills, and I added a breeze just to satisfy my fiancée.
I didn't even see the gun in her hand.
She walked past us, smiling slightly as she said good morning, and then everything stood still.
I couldn't move.
I was paralysed as I watched Lyra fall to the ground.

"Bye Winter!" The cerulean haired girl chanted, disappearing in a whirl of smoke.

I don't know how many Species I killed in that moment.
I had seen children nearby earlier that day. Younglings who hadn't even discovered their true Species yet. Maybe I killed them. Maybe they got away.
I cried over her dead body as I fell beside her, too weak to stand. I begged her to come back. To wake up and tell me that everything will be okay.
That day Lyra died, my heart froze.
Gone as cold as the season I control.
Gone as cold, as Winter.
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