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I have personal links with this charity and have loved their monthly prompts since 2016.
Various are missing - it seems I typed them in to the competition form without saving them elsewhere. - M.Harper

February 2017 - Air Balloons

A balloon set off from the frosted blades of grass, winter only just wearing off within the kingdom. A young girl stared up at them, curious about the feeling of flight. All at once her feet left the ground and she was soaring through the air, her dream a reality.

May 2017 - Family Meal

When I was younger my mother used to make big meals. She had many mouths to feed I guess. I miss those meals – tell my mother I loved them. Maybe in my dreams I'll go back. Back to those meals that helped me grow up.

June 2017 - Enchanted Wood

Golden rays of sun pass over dew-covered green glades of forest floor in a secluded woodland. Silence blankets the wood and only the sound of rippling water on a clear, crystalline lake cuts through the enchanting atmosphere of young creatures practicing magic in the clearing. The enchantment is always alive.

September 2017 - Bridge

It crossed over a river on the east side of town. It was an old, rickety bridge. Wooden and rotting, it had been there for centuries unknown. Rumor told it was haunted by souls of the dead who were drowned in the water below. And no one who crossed returned.

October 2017 - Black Cat

Dark skies cascade over urban populations as children make their way around – "Boring or Funny joke?" - personally I prefer the classic "Trick or Treat?". Bitter chilled air cuts thin fabric of store-bought costumes and buckets spill with tooth rot. Legs unseen, neon eyes dart across fences – observing the night.
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