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Originally for Nano 2017
Michael Corrigan

Michael had stepped off the plane onto American soil for the first time in two years. He wouldn't have returned if the Seals hadn't decided to give him a deal he couldn't refuse, six months in Leavenworth or a Less than Honorable discharge. They took exception to the fact he hit a commissioned officer. An officer who just happened to be the son of an Admiral. At least the man would think twice about ever instigating a fight against another man, because of his sexual orientation.

That first week he spent drunk. He had a friend watch his back, so he wouldn't do anything which got him into trouble in the States. He would be hard pressed to tell anyone exactly what he did. He remembered walking into a beach dive bar on day one and then falling out of bed on day seven, disparately trying to make it to the bathroom. No one was around. A note had been taped to the refrigerator. It just said, "You're done" and Quid had scarped his name at the bottom.

The second week he spent most of his time traveling back and forth between his beach cottage and the local Vet Center. He talked, screamed, cried and laughed with guys and women who knew what he was talking about when he verbally vomited his past.

The third week he signed all the permits he needed to start his own business. He was now the proud owner of Protect Escort Service. He offered companionship to males and females for a few hours to an extended period of time. He steered clear of only body guard work. He was there so people could have someone they trusted by their side for parties or outings. Mike found out he enjoyed the work pretty quickly. He still had no real life, but somewhere he would find one again.

It had been five years since he had returned to the States. A good five years, maybe a little lonely but good. The week would be full with jobs. He had everything from a Tux evening to chauffeuring a lady around during the day. He would need to carry on the tux night, but not the Birthday party jig.
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