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This is a true story my dad told me when I was a kid.
There was the smell of bacon. Instantly, I was hungry.

I got out of bed, tired, dizzy, drooling, and made my way to the stairs.

Mom was singing, or so I thought. She usually sings while cooking breakfast. I decided it was her. I was too tired to notice anything weird. Except, I noticed our dog, Rose, shaking in the corner of the hallway, with her fur standing on end and her mouth stretched open so unnaturally wide. She was silently screaming and staring at the hallway ceiling.

That scared the crap out of me. I didn't try to comfort he. I was afraid she would attack me—I thought maybe she was sick. So, I ran down the stairs, afraid to look back, and yelled for my mom. However, she didn't respond.

I entered the kitchen and saw a woman cooking—not my mom, not anyone I knew. So confused and frightened, I was frozen. I wasn't scared about the stranger in the kitchen, but about the sound of her voice. It was eerie and distant even though I stood only a few yards from her.

"Hey," I felt my heart pounding. "Hhh—Who are you?"

She turned around, so calmly, and looked at me as if she knew me. Her eyes were so loving and happy.

I opened my mouth to say something more, but as soon as I started, she vanished.
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