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The effect of the human race on the planet

We came from the earth, just like a plague
Ravenous and hungry, we have no shame,
We take it all, yet none of the blame
Evolutionary pond scum, thus slowly decaying
Our forest has fallen, our mothers extinct
Our father has shamed us, our parchments been inked
The date of our extinction, is not set in stone
But the time is coming for us atone.
For all of our grievances, and all our short comings
Our species will end, but will there be nothing?
From the first light after our death,
The world will breathe a sigh and take its first breath
The heavens will open, as if shedding its tears
Quenching our sins of the last thousand years
With this great flood will come a new dawn
As all that was taken is slowly reborn
The rivers,oceans,forrest and lakes
Now teem with life, after all our mistakes
For takers are no more, they rest in decay
And the shadows they left, slowly lose sway

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