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The effects of Tryptamine

The cure I sell, is not a potion
Yet its effects will set in motion
The cataclysm of two minds
Realities boundaries undefined
Hallucinations trickle forth
Unlocking keys to portal doors
Ascending through astral plains
Your mental health begins to strain
Daydreams past now turned to night
The sounds protrude in neon light
Your altered state has set you free
As the gods provide the key
To secret visions of ancients past
The spells they wrote, and laws they cast.
For in these moments of clarity
Your spirit forms transparency
Silhouettes of questions asked
Answers given yet never passed.
Now this journey must begin to end
For time itself begins to bend
Slipping back into your mind
Remembering all you left behind
These teachings from the spirit realm
Recorded they would overwhelm
The fragile minds of those who seek
Answers from the ancient peak

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