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The serial killers view of Broadmoor Asylum


I have struggled in this place for so long
This concrete hell where I was born
No remnants of my former state
My insanity is the going rate
Life destroying psychotic prisms
Perform in me an exorcism
Caged I am like the common dog
But beware, before too long
The anarchist will set me free
Then it will just be you and me
Visceral notions plague my thoughts
I promised you that day in court
I’d have my justice when I’m free
You placed me here and lost the key
This sentence due, I contemplate
Just how I’ll feed you all my hate
Your screams come forth
They make me smile
Don’t die too quickly, just stay a while
Hours pass, you look so weak
You lift your head but cannot speak
My scalpel, it sings just like birds
I look upon you Lost for words
Your corpse to me, its scent so sweet
The time has come, it’s time to eat
Your soul I own by consumption
For now it hangs within my dungeon
A special place, few have seen
A special place where no one leaves
You’ve paid the price for your crimes
Now think of me one last time.

Prisoner #A13 East block Broadmoor, HMPS. 1979
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