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by Twiga
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Animal · #2137037
Expanding Upon my Campfire for WDC Birthday Week
The History of Critter Land is a long and complicated one, but I'll do my best to explain it here.

So if you could have guessed in the Campfire the Capital City of Critter Land, 'Sans Deego Zu' is a a corrupted version of 'San Deiago Zoo' Meaning Critter Land is most of Southern California...At least the 'What is known to be civilized part' of Critter Land is.

What the perfectly content citizens of Critter Land don't know is that ever since the Days of Queen Milky-White. The Unicorn Monarchs of been seleting Brave and Resorseful Animals to travel Eastward instead of Westward to expand the Kingdom of Critters, along the way these settlers encounters many strange Creatures, some friendly and joined the Animals cause of Expanstion, others hostile and preferring to...Eat the Settlers.

But why is Critter Land located in Southern California in the first place? How did all these Animals come to this point?

It started in Europe, only it isn't called Europe anymore, it's Furtopia (Yes I know this isn't fair to those with Feathers, Scales, Slimy Skin, or Exoskeletons but for thousands of years Animal Socity was kind of Mammal Dominated.)

Furtopia is what Eurpoe has become, although the Animals have done a remarkably great job of preserving Europe's Finest Historical Buildings. For many years, Animals competeted with each other of many of Furtopia's Territories and two Species in particular became the most powerful species in Furtopia. The Gryphons and the Unicorns, constantly battling each other for who could lay claim to the most territory.

Many, many years ago a Unicorn Noble known as Milky-White was unseated from her throne and had to flee along with many of her followers from the Gryphon invaders.

Milky-White decided she would find a brand new land, to found her own kingdom, somewhere all Animals could live without fear of discrimination (At least that's what she claimed) Utalizing her natural Unicorn Powers of 'Sight Beyond Sight' she saw a massive land across the Atlantic Ocean, and the Southwestern Coast of this land was the perfect Sub-Tropical Climate where Many different species of Animal could live happily (One of the troubles cold-blooded animals faced living in Furtopia was the Climate...Even the warmest parts of Spain and the Medaterrianian are too cold for some Cold-Bloods)

So with her natural Unicorn Sourcery Milky-White forged a sweet, sweet rainbow bridge that stratched from Furtopia to Southern California (They couldn't simply cross the Ocean by boat because of Sea Monsters) And so after many days traveling the Sky...Milky-White came this Land finding it already inhabited by many of the same Animal Species who lived in Furtopia...Oh...And a couple of Massive Dragons!

King Flame the Red and Queen Emerald the Green were the Rulers of the Animals of the Western Half of America...They seemed to be the only Dragons around...They seemed to be liked by the Animals they ruled, however they lived a very different life from the civilized and technologicaly advanced Animals of Furtopia...These Animals lived in either caves or trees and they either ate the local plants if they were herbivores or they Hunted the Humanoids various Evolutionary Offshoots of Humanity that came to resemble Magical Creatures like Elves, Fairies and even Vampires.

Milky-White didn't approve of any Sentiant Creature being killed in Furtopia the Carnivores subsist upon brainless bivalves like Clames and Osysters which because of the lack of brains are not people Animals, and some additional protein from Unfertalized Eggs donated by Chickens and Excess Milk Donated by Dairy Cows and Goats and the like.

So thus Milky-White fell she had to conquer the Dragons to claim this land for herself. Though she lacked the power to kill either of them, she knew a spell that would seal them deep underground in what she thought would be eternal slumber.

When that was done she absorbed the Native North American Animals with her own Furtopian Animals and named her new Country Critter Land, declaring it a place of Equal Oppritunity for all Animals weather you had Fur, Feathers, Scales, Slimy Skin or Exoskeletons.

And thus that was the founding of Critter Land, however remember about the brave pioneers that the Unicorn Monarchs have been sending Estward for centuries? They have founded micro-communites all across the former United States, one group of Creatures who stop somewhere in the Midwest may have Desendants who contintue the Journey to found a micro community somewhere along the Eartern Coast.

One East Coat Community is known as 'Dragon Swamp' located somewhere in the Former South Carolina. Why is it called Dragon Swamp? The Swamp Dragons are Fat, Green and Tiny compared to the massive King Flame and Queen Emerald and are relativly passive. They are mostly vegetarian and agreed to the Animals' plan of only eating bivalves for meat with occastional eggs and dairy. However another thing the Animals call Dragons but actually aren't Dragons have recently invaded Dragon Swamp...Dinosaurs! Yes with all this foucs upon the Northern Hemisphere the reason we haven't mentioned anything South of the Equaitor is because the Equator is inhabited by intelligent, feroious and hungry DINOSAURS!
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