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This is a story made for the October Sinster Stories Contest
(Word count 886 prompt 1)

This story is a warning to all who will listen I don't have long until "She"comes so here goes my story.

It was Friday last week and I was just finished my shift at my job, I worked part-time at a music shop (I won't say the shop's name for privacy sake),and I was completely exhausted from a long day of trying to teach some kids how to play the drums but all they did was bash them as hard as they could.

Needless to say, I had a pounding headache by the time 4PM rolled around but still, I left the shop with a spring in my step as the new piano I ordered should arrive by the time I reached my house.

It looked like it was created by an angel, it was made from great oak wood with an indescribable pattern carved into it was impossible at first sight to believe that human hands could create such a wonderful thing, and I was even more shocked at the price, it was just 50 bucks that was all, needless to say, I purchased it immediately.

I arrived at my house at about 45 minutes past four and there it was my new prized possession I brought it into my living room with a huge amount of effort to make sure it didn't get even a single scratch on it.

Once I found a place to put it, between my TV and my bookcase in the farthest left-hand corner, as I was admiring it I felt a chill run down my spine and the hair on my arms, legs and the back of my neck stood up to this day I still regret the fact that I ignored my body's warnings.

I decide to watch TV for a while just to let my body recover from the day's work I just endured, it's not that I hated my job it was just stressful at times I guess most jobs are like that, at about 8 PM I decided to play a song on the piano the song was called Bluestone Alley.

After I finished the song I felt the chilly sensation from earlier run down my spine again I foolishly ignored it and decided to just start playing and see if I can come up with anything and besides playing the piano always helped me to relax.

I ended up just playing songs that had been stuck in my head for about an hour and the chill never went away actually it got more intense as I was playing the piano it got so intense that by the time I finished playing the last song I was visible shanking even though I was wrapped up in a thick blanket and had my coat and hoodie on as well.

I was a bit freaked out at this point and decided to just retire to bed but just before I went to go upstairs to my bedroom a sheet with a song on it fell out of the piano.

The sheet had a similar design as the piano's cravings going around the outside of it the song was titled The Song Of The Damned.

"This must be a joke," I thought foolishly and for some reason, I had a sudden desire to play it.

I can't and won't play or tell anyone the notes to play the melody as it's haunted me ever since.

I sat at the piano and began to play the song.

The song itself makes songs from horror movies sound like nursery rhymes each note sent a new wave of fear, dread and an unescapable skin freezing chill through every part of my being but still, I was determined to see it through to the end.

When I eventually finished the song I heard slow clapping coming from my couch and their "She" was, "She" had dead grey eyes that bore a look of pure hatred, Her face decayed worst around her lower face, Her clothes or at least what were probably clothes at one point was an old-fashioned ballroom dress that should have been white but at this point the color more closely resembled the color of vomit.

Her appearance alone would terrify most horror movie junkies but it's what "She" said that will haunt me for the rest of my short life.

"Death is not the one you should fear anymore as that would be a sweet release compared to what I have in mind for your body and soul, and the bodies and souls of your friends and family will soon endure. A contract between you and someone worse then the devil has been made by playing that song" "She" said her face contorting into a seemingly never-ending smile.

And so now I sit here counting away the days till a fate worse then endless torture or death comes for me and my loved ones.

"Sorry I have to go my niece just found a music sheet with the most amazing cravings around the outside and she wants to play it to me..........
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