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by DylanB
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2137096
A poem I wrote about my "loving, caring brother" Everything in this poem is TRUE!
You call yourself my brother,
but you're so selfish
It's a shame we have the same mother.
You take my food and drink,
even though I'm a diabetic,
you're not even sympathetic.

You're a rapist,
everyone should know what you really are.
Someone should beat you with a fucking crowbar.
You have a son, but you don't deserve a kid,
you only had him to get a few quid.

I was 7, without a clue,
you took advantage of what I didn't know.
I was 11 when I finally realize what you did,
there I was being sick.
Now I have the life sentence,
while you walk free.

When are you finally going to be a man?
Admit you did wrong
Instead, you decide to hit that bong,
all the punches and kicks I had to endure.
All the flashbacks I can't cure.
Laughing with your friends,
like nothing's wrong.
While I sit here trying to be strong
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