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A new word was needed to express disgust and outrage.

There was a great need for a new word
to express disgust and outrage; for the
most part, it was for the self-righteous
arrogance, hatred, bigotry and racism
displayed by a religious zealot.  Toss
in the total lack of humility, plus the
habitual judging of those who did
not belong to her club, and
OMAfuG came into being. 

OMAfuG is short for five words. 
The ‘O’, ‘m’, ‘a', ‘fu’, and ‘g’
begin each word.  OMAfuG
is therefore an acronym. 

‘O’ means, simply, “Oh;” the
lack of the letter ‘h’ is trivial.
And the ‘m’ means, “my.” 
Therefore, "Oh my," begins
the OMAfuG expression. 

Now to the letter, ‘a’. 
It stands for, “aching.” 
Appropriate, to be sure,
considering what was
explained above. 
Onward to, ‘fu’, which is, “funky.”
Here there was some debate;
indeed, earlier versions had
a different word.  For now,
funky will suffice for the
overall significance of
the acronym to wit. 

Which leaves only ‘g’,
and that stands for god
(or God) depending on
one's bent, I suppose. 

It saves time, it saves breath.
Yet it is highly satisfying.
OMAfuG!  I say, as I
see her waving her
Bible, spewing
black venom.

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