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Oct. 9th Definitions List
Oct. 9th
Definitions List

A. Near Space
a. The ability to travel great distances by warping and folding space. This allows a ship to exit normal space and to draw long distances closer, resulting in traveling a great disitance, drawing the destination ‘near’. This process is called ‘Near Space’ and is the primary long distance capability used by all known vessels in this time period.

B. FMM – Free Mars Movement
a. ‘Rebels’ who are trying to liberate Mars from Colonial rule. Several battles have resulted from Rebel Mars vessels that have broken from the Earths Colonization Division.
b. A referendum vote barely failed and many on the side of the breakaway colony believe it was rigged. This is background tension not directly linked to the story Dark Paradise.

C. CTTR – Circum Terra Trade Route
a. The standard Trade Route between the following locations;
i. Earth
ii. Mars
iii. Venus
iv. Asteroid belt mining facilities
v. Titan Outpost and Research Station

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