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Oct. 10th - Rising Actions trials

Oct. 10th

Rising Action Trial


Alan Watson is the main Protagonist of our story.

1. Due to a disaster he is thrust in command of a Precursor Colony mission.
2. There is doubt as to his ability to do so. This comes from his own feelings and that of many of the mission participants.
3. He is confronted by the antagonist Alfred Hadden whom he’s had dealings with before. Alan was in charge of a mission where Alfred’s wife died, Alfred blames Alan for that death.
4. Ship systems continue to fail, decision will need to be made to abandon the safety of the ship and 100% commit to planet’s surface.
5. Tension between the Military forces assigned to the mission, the civilian colonists and the crew of the Precursor
6. Must rescue downed shuttle, putting critical Colony resources at risk.
7. Alien life discovered, unsure if sentient.
8. Threat of mutiny and split grows due to antagonist pressuring many to doubt Alan’s wisdom.

Characters who are Allies and Enemies.

1. Dayton Grant – Ally – Science Officer, supports Alan and is very vocal about his support to him
2. Edna Murray – Ally – Senior Medical Officer, Love interest to Alan
3. Gus Wickham – Ally – Chief Engineer, chain of command support for Alan, waiting for Alan to prove he can command
4. Alfred Hadden – Enemy – Blames Alan for wife’s death, wants to ultimately rule over the Colony as a Dictator.
5. Marija Novak – Enemy – Jealous of Edna, resents Alan because he ignores her advances.
6. Aneko Nakashima – Enemy – Pacifist, hates Command and Military.
7. Matt Carrick – Neutral – In charge of Military, can go either way. Leans toward supporting Alan.
8. Carl fischer – Enemy – Wants the Marines to be in ultimate command and is constantly pressuring Matt to Take over.
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