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Confusion leads to a calm response to violence
My parents were talking about a gathering of Jugglers the other day.

I pretended not to notice, but I hoped I would get to go.

The day finally arrived and I went along since they forgot to get a babysitter again.

My mom and dad both put on black and white panda makeup before we got in the car.

We got to the place and I didn’t see anyone juggling.

Tons of people were wearing panda face makeup.

Everyone kept laughing when I asked where the jugglers were.

They also laughed when I asked to get my face painted.

We stopped at a food truck and got food.

While we were eating some people got really loud and then I heard two loud bangs.

Lots of people ran around screaming.

I helped myself to all of the burgers and milkshakes I could stand.

My parents came back and took me to the car.

On the way home my mom asked if I was ok.

I told her my stomach hurt from all the food.

She asked if I understood what happened.

I nodded and told her “ I was kind of expecting it. When I saw you and dad dress up with panda makeup I googled pandas and read the first suggested page. It said something about pandas ending with the phrase: Eats shoots and leaves.”

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