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A cut above the rest
In the past year, more than 95% of the fighter pilots in the Air Force, have been obtaining surgery to split their tongues. The reason behind this trend was considered top secret, but this week we have decided to break the silence and let the world know what we have developed.

As most people know, a pilot has hundreds of panels, gauges, sensors and switches to watch and adjust as the need arises. Someone to remain nameless has a history of talking all the way through their maneuvers. This is also known as tongue wagging. This pilot who again will remain nameless, was given an extreme reprimand about wasting their energy on useless chatter while their brain should be using that bandwidth for something more useful.

2 months later the Tongue Touch Retainer system was created. Using this simple device, pilots can now respond to an emergency nearly 2 tenths of a second quicker. Through trial and error, a few basic tongue movement were developed that could allow for multiple responses to nearly the same touch. The back of the tongue could be held against a spot to create an spacebar, alt key or ctrl key. One of the pilots had a split tongue from a bad piercing in their teens, but this pilot quickly became orders of magnitude better at controlling input using this device.

One of the pilot in the program was in an off duty vehicle accident that left them paralyzed below the neck. They have no control over their arms or legs, but with the help of this device, they can control their wheelchair and cell phone right from their tongue. Two of the crew members who work directly with this pilot have expressed their desire to allow their family members with movement issues also test this device. We have elected to open development up to the public and hope that all of those around the world who find it so hard to interact due to movement disorders, can get some relief.
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