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by Julz
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Comedy · #2137232
Part one - Discovering powers
The Amazing Brian Alfred Thomas - Part one discovering powers (word count 1,775)
Although Brian Alfred Thomas lived in a boring small town he would not allow himself to be defined as a boring person from a boring town. He always tried to take up many hobbies and if he did well enough at them he thought then he would travel to other towns to face off against the talent of other areas. It is great to be in a small town he thought as there is hardly any competition when it comes to anything. Over time he found that there is only one thing that he liked doing that other people recognised him for and that was Air guitar, he could not play real guitar no matter how much he tried however he seemed to enjoy miming guitar solos from guns and roses, AC/DC and Iron maiden songs and ballads. He discovered his air guitar talent one night when he got unbelievably drunk pursuing one of his other perspective hobbies of sampling fine wines and beers in a bar environment, he got rather boisterous and jumped up and blew everyone away with an amazing performance grinding out an incredible air guitar solo that had him playing behind his back, under his arms and around the side and finished by leaping into the air and slamming that invisible guitar against the ground just as the song finished and he walked off to the applause of all the other old soaks in the establishment.
News of his performance spread through the town like wild fire, soon he was getting all kinds of crazy requests from people who wanted him to air guitar in their bars or to play at their house parties, bogan weddings, and even some work functions. This worked out well for him as he was able to make an income from this, eventually he started doing well enough to quit his job at the freezer works to practice his craft full time. The timing was great as he had decided to enter the national air guitar champs in the big smoke. He was going to the city to compete finally he was in the big time he just needed to keep practicing. He had six months in which to prepare. One night he was feeling particularly lively he wasn't sure if it was from those beers at the local tavern or if it was something to do with the full moon but he took the long way home past the old cemetery and as he moved through those tomb stones he started playing his favourite air guitar riffs and he played his little heart out just content with the way things have been going and just so happy to be air guitaring as he came to end of his air guitar solo he threw his head back, hair dangling down over his shoulders and his bushy beard angled up into the cool night sky as he howled at the full moon. Just then there was this flash of light like from the flash of an old camera, the whole night world flashed bright white just for a split second and all of a sudden Brian felt really dizzy and not the drunk kind of dizzy, but as thought someone was grabbing his head and turning it and sometimes pushing down on him eventually the downward pushing got the better of him and the whole world blacked out as he collapsed where he stood.
The chirping of birds was so annoying, "why are they in my bedroom" he thought as Brian forced his eyes to open and found that he was lying amongst tall grass, trees and tombstones. The birds had been bothering him and using him as a toilet since the sun began to rise and as he yelled at them to be gone he realised how dry his throat was. He did not think he got that drunk but then the last thing that he remembered was howling at the moon.
That afternoon he was to play a gig at this Biker bar on the northern outskirts of the town, called the roaring skulls.
He got there quite early and so he thought he would have a game of pool or eight ball as some people call it. Brian and his friend Harry who was also his manager challenged two of the patrons to a game of doubles. They were bikers one had a mustach that looked like one belonging to a 1970's pornstar and the other had a bird's nest of a beard that rain down his neck. Brian did not consider himself much of an eight-ball player he just liked hitting the balls as hard as he could and watch all the balls bounce all around the table threatening to go into every pocket but never really going there, that is as far as his eight-ball game went. Their opponents broke and the game began, then it was Brian's turn and Brian prepared to hit the white ball as hard as he could and he hit it so hard and quick that he grunted with the effort of it and the stick nearly flew out of his hand, to everyone's amazement all of his balls went into the pockets and they won the game.
Everybody laughed including Brian. How could this be? How could he be so lucky? Naturally a rematch was light heartedly called and excepted. Harry broke the pack, then Brian took his stance closed his eyes and wound up and struck the white ball with a grunt and such force that it nearly threw him off balance. Once again to everyone's astonishment all his balls all went down into the nearest pockets.
The next game they put some money on it, that was how these two bikers always operated, they would lose their first two games anyway so it was no big loss they would then put money on the last game. The biker's pool shark plan was working out for them. This time they broke first and broke well, apart from a small cluster in the middle, then Brian came up closed his eyes and struck the ball with explosive power the cue ball ricochet of an another ball sending it flying into the pocket so fast that the whole pocket shook the other ball kept going and sunk another of brains balls the next few shots yielded no results then it was brains turn again he aimed to break the cluster , once again his ball went hurtling into the pack and miraculously sunk all of his remaining balls in various different pockets, instantly they accused Brian and his friend of cheating, the accusation was then denied the Both bikers grumbled and started to get angry, one was starting to look very red under his bushy neckbeard, he could not control his rage, he grabbed up the white cue ball and threw it with power that made it fly straight and true. Harry swung the pool que to try and deflect the cue ball from hitting him, he missed the ball and the pool que struck neckbeard on the side of the head with crunching force, he stumbled back. At the same time the cue ball knocked into Harry's chest taking the wind out of him and he crumpled to the floor. Neckbeard continued to stumble back on to a table spilling drinks and ruining a nice relaxing evening shared by a group of hard working men from the mine, enraged they grabbed neckbeard by the hair and beat him relentlessly. They kicked and stamped at the biker on the ground. The other biker with the pornstar mustach decide he was going to end Brian, he smashed a bottle and came at Brian with a loud roar, this time it was Brian's turn to picked up a ball and he threw it. The action was so fast that the ball was just a blur and it struck porn mustach man in the throat with a crunch, he hunched over and dropped the broken bottle, other bikers rushed to his aid. Brian lept up onto the pool table to give himself enough room to swing the pool que down on any of his biker foes that was fool enough to step inside the arc of his swing. Meanwhile Brian's friend had rolled under the pool table to save himself from the stampede. The Angry miners were still enraged by their lovely evening being spoilt, their blood was up, they egged each other on and when they saw the bikers had rushed to get that guy on the table and their backs were turned, they formed a miners union and charged as one into the back of this gang of bikers eager to feel more biker scum under their heals they punched, kicked, stamped about themselves like there was no tomorrow. The door cracked down, it was a team of police with batons in their hands, the pool table collapsed bringing Brian down into the brawling melee and he disappeared amongst a mass of swinging arms, legs and a cloud of dust.
Two men beaten battered and bruised sat on the couch contemplating the night before. What a night it was, they had not been home long, they only just got let out of hospital a few hours ago. As they remembered heroics of surviving the night before, harry grinned at Brian and even though Brian's eyes were swollen and throbbing he could see that Harry had a few teeth missing and had a few humdinger bumps and bruises on his head as well as a few clumps of hair missing. Beaten and bruised it did not seem to matter they were well compensated, first the bar paid them for the gig they were supposed to play, then got a very nice payment from the same bar so that they did not sue them, in addition to that during the commotion of the bar battle, harry grabbed up the money placed as a wager on the game they won, it was sitting on the next table, it was not too bad at all since the bikers were sharks and never intended on losing, this meant that they had the money for the Air guitar nationals, all they had to was focus on training now. Brian groaned and rubbed the back of his head and said "I don't think I will play eight ball again it hurts too much" Harry nodded and said quietly to himself "we will see about that my friend, we will see about that"
To be continued.........

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