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Hysteria's therapy session with Dr. Sarah Houselhouf.
The only annoyance other than the female in front of her was the slight sliding of her glasses, which she pushed up with a singular finger. A display of asserting control, however small, made the equine feel more comfortable...despite her job being to comfort the patient. Yet, how was one supposed to comfort something as vile as this?

"Feeling m'kay, doc?" The pale hybrid swished that too-fluffy tail, and while to anyone else it was a look of concern - Sarah knew it was a look of curiousity painting those dark orbs. Prideful curiousity...Hysteria wanted to know if what she was doing was working. "Maybe we should end the session early, ey?"

"That won't be happening, Hys." The horse gave a dignified snort, not about to entertain any idea's from a murderer. The word former didn't cross her mind either. "Why not get back to my original question?"

Hysteria twitched an ear, her smirk only slipping a moment to show her displeasure before she proceeded to flop onto the couch. Her tail draped over the end and swung mindlessly as she hummed in deep thought; or at the very least, she put on a show of pretending to be in such a state. This often happened when Sarah asked her a question she didn't like, she'd chew on it the entire session until it was over and she could escape. Sarah wondered what Hys might do if she wasn't wearing that ankle bracelet...cornering someone was never a good idea. Especially when that someone was a literal snake.

The equine subconciously gazed upon the hybrid's scales, which coated parts of her body like warning signs for all to see. It was terribly speciesist of her, but the idea of being in a room with a snake - even a half breed, - made her hair stand on end. She swished it out of her face for the fifth time that day, trying to distract herself from the idea of Hysteria swallowing her whole. Unrealistic it may be.

When another twenty minutes passed with only hums and occasionally mumbles the psychiatrist huffed. How could someone such as this be serving nothing other than time in a mental ward? It was quite silly to her. She belonged in jail...or the electric chair. Somewhere that actually made her suffer for her misdeeds, not in her office debating a question that'd never get an answer. Who even took this long to answer what their favorite food was?

"Are you going to answer the question, Hysteria?"

The femme gave a feline grin before nodding much-too enthusiastically. She struggled to sit up, dragging her claws on the leather of the seat and sitting on her own tail for the sake of a cushy surface...since her paws had caused couch fluff to spring. The horse held her tongue about it though, because any progress with Hys was sure to get a raise.

"I like people the most."

A cannibal...of course. The horse looked at herself in the mirror to make sure she didn't have a gigantic target on her forhead. All she saw was the milky brown of her own fur and the rings under her eyes. Strangely enough, that was the one trait herself and her patient shared. The therapist decided to go along with Hysteria's claim, getting her pen and clipboard from the table beside her. "Why do you like people the most?"

"They taste good, are easy to swallow whole-"
"Hold on- you don't expect me to believe you eat people your own size...?"

The snake cocked her head to the side just slightly, a playful glint in her eyes.
"Well, actually I suppose they'd be more your size."


Now she was making fun of her superior's height...why did she have to have this case again? The feline moved to stand and imediately the equine tensed up, only to be relaxed by Hysteria distancing herself. "Time's up for today doc, I'm going back to my room."
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