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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Mystery · #2137284
The plot deepens in Tangled Roots as Laura gets closer to answers
Additional things that could go wrong would include something I touched on before. First, Jed and Laura will start to not get along. Jed is Laura’s best friend, and has been since she came to town. Their mutual love of fishing and the outdoors has made them very close. Problems arise when Laura finds out Sandy Prescott, whose body she found in her back yard near the property line, was charged with killing Elaine, Jed’s wife, but supposedly killed himself before he could go to trial. If he killed himself, Laura reasons, he certainly did not bury himself in her back yard. Someone knew something. Jed had never talked about what happened, and Laura thought it simply hurt too much. Jed’s son Jim never talked about the accident, either. He has no memory of that night, he states. Laura might catch him at a few things that he would not have known if he did not remember that night, as he says. Jed will warn Laura to stay away from the issue and to let it drop. Laura cannot do that. It is not in her nature.

Eventually, Laura may wind up leaving town until she can get everything sorted out. She will need help from outside the county. This involved the district attorney, who actually was driving the vehicle that killed Elaine, as well as a former judge, the father of the man who killed Elaine. There may be some involvement from the sheriff’s department as well. Could it be Chad’s mentor? It could be. That would throw another wrench in it all. That, of course, would break Chad’s heart and shake the very foundation of why he got on the force to begin with. When Laura finds this out, it is sure to case a rift between her and Chad. Chad will not believe it. Laura will leave town alone - she has lost her best friend and her boyfriend over all of this. She is heartbroken, but she will not stop until she finds an answer. Eventually Chad will realize she is right and probably come to help her, but not after she finds herself in some type of real danger, maybe more than once.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2137284