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My minor character profile - Sandy Prescott, who was found dead and buried at Laura's
Sandy Prescott worked at the Long Branch. He cleaned the bar and stocked the coolers every day. He is developmentally disabled. Some say he was a fetal alcohol syndrome baby.
He was 24 at the time he was killed. He had the mental abilities of a 12 year old at the time. He did not graduate from high school. He thought Riley Beld and Mike Jorgensen were his friends. They just used him to buy pot for them, though. They would drink with him, too, often getting him drunk and treating him like a circus act.
Sandy had long, scraggly hair that was dish-water blonde.
He had blue eyes, which were usually blood shot and half open.
He has a scar on his right cheek from an accident on a four-wheeler back when he was in high school. He was drunk at the time of the accident, of course. He hurt a good friend, who later moved away.
Sandy has a hard time making friends. He clings to Jorgensen and Beld because they are his only “friends,” and they were always part of the “ in crowd” in high school. Sandy graduated a year before them.
Sandy never knew much about his dad, but he did show up a few times during Sandy’s childhood. He was usually only around long enough to come in drunk and beat up Sandy’s mom. Then he would be gone again.
Sandy’s mom held a variety of meaningless jobs. She never really cared about her career, taking whatever would come along when she was sober enough to hold a job. She was a cashier at the grocery store, a dish washer, a waitress for a very short time, and even worked on a town road crew picking up garbage along side the road for one summer. She always told Sandy she was waiting for child support from his dad, which rarely, if ever, came. His dad was in jail a lot for various, petty things.
Sandy loved animals and the outdoors. He would often meander through the woods, sometimes being gone for days at a time. He did not care if he slept in the woods - it never bothered him. He seemed to understand the animals better than he understood people.
Sandy had a girlfriend for a short time after high school, but she soon tired of his lack of drive and determination to do anything more with his life than play his guitar and smoke dope.
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