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This is a part of the Descendants of the U.S series. Ideas partially written by Lana 90.
She's a girl from Raleigh, he was a man from Venice. She's 10, he was 60. She has friends, he had enemies. She is a daughter, he had a daughter. She is loved, he was hated. She will never know what it's like to be forcibly converted, he never knew what it was like to be accepted. While, She is encouraged to speak out, he was silenced *Silent*. She will be a fashion designer, he was a usurer. Choice is an everyday necessity for her, choice was a impossible luxury for him. She is a Jew named Sarah, he is a Jew named Shylock, and they are family. She is his descendant. Then, there is her friend and her family member. While Antonia is a kind, accepting, helpful and funny girl with a business stand, Antonio was a cruel, intolerant, unhelpful and not funny merchant. Antonia lived in the beautiful town of Durham, and Antonio lived in the fancy town of Venice.
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