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She's a Goddess that can't remember who she is. But she is the one who created it all!
Pressure have been endured, and Love has been secured.

Ahead you must look to see the brighter light. It glows on the path you must take. Trees are greener, Roses have become a brighter red. Almost the color of blood. As you glance towards the sky you realize it has become a vibrant blue. The clouds are a purest white. Over to the sea you now see the color aquamarine. The sand you walk upon is now a comfort to your feet, so soft and also fun to play with as it squishes between your toes.

Who am I, and what is going on?
Flashes of memory pop into her head. It was of the night before.
Something grabs her from behind, and then all goes black. Nothing else appeared in my mind of that night.
Ugh!! Frick and Frackle!!!

Wait! What the heck was that? (Frick and Frackle)?

Where did that word come from, and I don't think it is even a word?!

Reality hit me and I was in this Beautiful place again. It seemed like earth but something was giving me this terrifying feeling. As I began to walk my surroundings began to warp out of existence.

Suddenly, my surroundings began to change and new things appeared.
I am now standing in a yard in front of a mansion. Or, should I say a castle of significant magnitude. It was so amazing and beautiful. Iron gates surrounding the entire property and a breath taking fountain stood right in the middle of the yard. It contained a extremely life like girl in the center, the water flowing from her hands as if she controlled the water and she had the most lovely wings. Not to mention she was in color hence the lifelike sense..now that's not something you see everyday! Wow she even resembles a mermaid, by the looks of her tail.
The water surrounding her is violet in color and it glistens in the sunlight. All of this is sooo BEAUTIFUL! Where am I?

Even so, Something is not right, I feel frightened.

I shook that feeling off and began staring back at this strange fountain instead.
Suddenly a voice came from behind me and I jumped and screamed at the same time. Sorry the male voice said, I didn't mean to startle you.
You didn't just startle me, you scared me half to death!
Who are you and where am I?

MY name is Hideaki Funai, I will be your mentor and guide to help you relearn your abilities and advance them. So please focus on this place and don't let your mind wonder. I wouldn't want to have us in a place we can't get out of.

What do you mean and who am I?

You are Tamako Goto, and you just arrived from being murdered on the planet Jenai a place that resembles earth. But you come from the stars and heavens. You created Jenai ini your own beauty. Then you wanted to experience that life of your planet so you gave up your powers and what you knew to become one of the people you had created. Look into the mirrors of this fountain. You will see your true form coming to light.
Exquisitely a face appeared in front of me. Whoa! I look like the statue on the fountain. Lilac hair full of long curly hair and violet eyes like ones of a cat, and wings spread wide the color of silver and so very bright. Full lips and most perfect body. I looked down and I was wearing a shear black dress that fell to mid thigh with a slit clean up to my waist, a long crystal cape like material fell from my neck to my feet. My feet were covered in sparkles and string that went between my first two toes and wrapped around my ankles and up my leg up to my knees. It was like a snake and there was the head of the snake that ended the wrap on the outside of my thight . This fine accessory was black. She glances back up at Hideaki, I'm sorry but this can't be. I'm not who you think I am, you've made a huge mistake!
This place has a frightening feeling to it.
Why is that?

Hideaki began to explain to Tamako a few things. Well our world has been penetrated by demons and their presence puts off a bad Aurora . That's what you're picking up on. It seems your concentration on this place is stabilizing.

What?! How do you know that?

Your form was not quite solid when you arrived but now it seems you have solidified now.

Ok. Ok. Why can't I remember anything?

Because returning from such a tragedy has wiped your memory of your human side that you had created. It will be a while before things fully return. Slowly you will remember bits an pieces. Then little by little your celestial side will return. That's why I am here to help your progress this so we can work on your powers. As they return they will be uncontrollable, so I will help you keep them from destroying everything.

Ugh! I can't believe this is happening. I don't want all of this responsibility of powers that can do such a thing. What am I suppose to do? What are you expecting of me?

Hideaki responds to her in a very gentle tone.
Calm down luv everything will be fine. All of your answers will come in due time. I'm here to help you in any way I can.
For the moment we must get inside.. No one must know you are here. There are beings out here who want to be in your place or who will try to destroy you. We must get started on your progressions. One must not dilly dally in time of trouble.

Hideaki you need to answer my question, what is expected of me? Fine I will start you off slow. You have the power of all things. Life, death, Illusions, creations and giving the gift of power, and allot more. We need you to return to your rightful place. Keeping order to all of the universe. The planets, stars and watching over all beings; Good and Evil. See you are not good nor are you evil.
You are a neutral being that makes you keep order to all things. Good and Evil is not what you think. You see it all differently than any other. Even I don't what you see in these terms.

Damn! Tamako proclaims. All this is far too much. I don't like this at all! Why me!? I still think you have the wrong girl.
Tamako let's just go inside. I think you should meet someone or shall I say get reaquainted.
Huh? Who? Just come inside with me. She walked along side him around the fountain on the cobble stone walk way. It was lined with large roses in all colors and very vibrant. Then we came to the steps to the house also cobbles stoned. Wen we reached the doors, they were unusually large and a bright red. The doors opened and we entered.

Chapter 2

As I looked around after closing the mansion doors I saw a magnificent ballroom like room, but it was only the foyer. A huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling made of onyx and crystals shaped into diamonds and roses. It hung high and the diamonds and roses hung so low I thought I was going to hit my head but didn't. They also had smaller ones all over the ceiling that hung high and low but not as low as the larger one. It was incredible the roses were onyx but at times they looked blood red.

Hello there, I've been waiting for you. I jumped startled again! The voice came from out of no where. Where did that voice come from? Look over there Hideaki said. Tamako, TAmako!

At the top of the stairs was an older woman standing next to a man who looked to be her companion. Oh, Hi, I'm sorry I didn't see you there.
That's because we weren't here before.

To be continued:
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