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I heard a similar story when i was in Tibet.Hope you enjoy it,
Once upon a time ,in the foreign lands,

far off the seas , away from the sands;

on the mountain of death, as they called it -

there lived a Wolverine. the creature of night.

She lived in a cave made of flesh and bone ,

while the tales of her savagery well too well known.

Above this horrid cave,wrapped in a blanket of silver shoon,

there lived the majestic midnight moon.

Attraction like a spell of the siren-the wolverine was drawn to the purity of this moon.

the moon was pure, her aura , divine ;

the wolverine was darkness, her soul- caught in the circles nine.

Night after night she saw the moon's majestic form,

her silver light slowly cleansing all of the Wolverine's sins-

like a lamp lit in the ruins.

But the Fates weren't kind .they despised the creature,

As the Moon cured her soul, her own was set to rupture.

the wolverine learned of this , but it was too late,

the Sisters three had already sealed the moon's fate.

Thus , in a fit of rage,the wolverine did the unspeakable ,

She tore their chests and devoured the hull.

By the time she was done , All was lost,

for with such carnage, there came the cost.

The bloodshed finally tore away her soul,

the savage in her , finally became whole.

And then came the night , bathed her with moonlight,

The moon was weeping, heavens raging at the pitiful sight.

And the Wolverine said with a heavy heart ,

" It matters not if we are apart.

For it is my spirit who loves thee-

And it always will, aspure as it can be."

- ssingh.
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